Overview of the Client

Our client is an international leader in pet products and pet care with over 50 years of experience in the manufacture of products of animal food. They have their presence in more than 70 countries, serving more than 15 million households across the globe.

Overview of the Client

Business Objectives

  • The client is currently using a cumbersome, time-sensitive, and manual planning process.
  • The client looked to withdraw the dependency from this process to meet the growing business demands.
  • They wanted a holistic solution allowing them to perform customer and trade promotion planning on a harmonized platform.
  • They looked to empower the users with structural analysis of the promotional and non-promotional KPIs, trend analysis, and others.
  • The client required a solution that gives a global view of the past and future data from various sources.
  • They also looked to have an easy-to-use UI to deliver operational and analytical reports for better-informed decision-making.

The Solution

  • The TekLink Team implemented an SAP Trade Management solution that provides an integrated platform of SAP CBP and TPPM.
  • The team provided a unified view of business plans and linked promotions to ensure automatic update of the plan, reference, and actual data.
  • The solution also incorporated cascading P&L and promotion layouts to cater to the client’s sales process.
  • It enabled planning in multiple units, with the UI available in different languages and various views to analyze sales, internal targets, and promotions.
  • TekLink delivered analytical reporting solutions in SAP Cloud and operational reports for detailed analysis, with future scalability options.

Key Benefits

  • Reduced time & effort previously spent in manual planning.
  • Ease in planning and maintaining a large number of KPIs with seamless integration with sales & budget data.
  • The ability to plan and analyze promotional and non-promotional spends in a single place led to user satisfaction.
  • Custom implementation catered to the complex sales and planning process of the client.
  • Improved performance by use of UI5 bundled with the latest technology.
  • Facilitating their growth management strategy which is based upon new products and on strong promotion efforts.

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