Overview of the client

The client is a global leader in semiconductor fabrication support with manufacturing facilities in multiple countries across the globe. The products they develop include critical subsystems, components, and parts. They also provide improved design-to-delivery times for major subassemblies, advanced flow control, and high-precision manufacturing.

Overview of the client

Business Challenges and Objectives

  • The customer data was stored in multiple internal and external sources, making it difficult to derive insights from the unstructured data.
  • The business users do not get the information on vendor payments because of the scattered data  across multiple systems.
  • They required a Supply Chain View with information on Vendor Payments and the actual Financial Spending based on the probable amount spent with the standard material cost as consideration.
  • They also required information on the price variance between the price paid to the vendor and standard material costs.
  • The report must also include the last price paid for the material based on the goods and receipt date.

The Solution

  • The TekLink Team built a data lake by including multiple internal and external data sources on a single data platform for better visibility.
  • The data was hosted on simple Semantic Layer for data analytics and generating valuable business insights.
  • The data lake allows seamless storage and integration of structured and unstructured data.
  • TekLink’s solution includes a PowerBI Dashboard with the data drawn from Snowflake.
  • The dashboard enables visualization such as heat maps, charts, and tables with the best suppliers, customers, and materials.

Business Outcomes and Benefits

  • The solution enables a Single Source of Truth (Data), enabling the business to derive insights to make better decisions.
  • The data visualizations simplify complex and scattered data sets, providing the users with a bird’s eye-view of the performance and serving as a first-level diagnostic tool.
  • The dashboard helps the stakeholders like SCM Organization Managers, Procurement Support Managers, Quality Officers, and many others develop quick insights, thus resulting in significant savings of time and effort.
Business Outcomes and Benefits

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