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For the complete spectrum of Enterprise Analytics platforms, TekLink extends its clients' value chain from consultancy, BI Services, solution strategy, implementation services, data analytics support, and Application Management Services (AMS) using the newest DevOps tools and standards.

Service Overview

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Streamlining Global BI Support Operations

Streamlining Global BI Support Operations

System Capital Analytics

System Capital Analytics

Real-time Operational Analytics using S/4HANA

Real-time Operational Analytics using S/4HANA

Service Offerings

TekLink offers Data Analytics Support and an integrated DevOps Consulting Services experience for all applications, promoting finer collaborations between different businesses, development, and IT operations through lean and agile software delivery.

Service Offerings

By merging and automating software development and IT operations teams, TekLink’s DevOps strategy accelerates the delivery of higher-quality software applications. Continuous Integration (CI) spanning platforms, security, compliance, governance, risk management, line-of-business, end-users, and customers are tied into TekLink’s DevOps Methodology software development lifecycle. TekLink also helps with data reconciliation process automation, data analytics support, and the integration of SAP Cloud Foundry, SDK libraries, and other Cloud Platform Integration tools.

TekLink has an extensive library of process templates that may be used to integrate a company’s existing system with the DevOps Process Model. TekLink Process Template includes:

  • Functional/design documents with version history
  • Preventive maintenance tool for housekeeping and alerts
  • Business Intelligence Consulting Services and the ability to monitor the system performance
  • Reporting of User Incident Resolution Metrics
  • Other reporting capabilities such as Monthly Service Level adherence and weekly status reports.

TekLink ensures Global Analytics Support to businesses with round-the-clock staffing to manage each region’s distinct time zones. The support ensures enhanced service level adherence and improved customer satisfaction.

Solutions and Starter Kits

Rapid Transition Framework

The Rapid Transition Framework from TekLink assists enterprises with a quick knowledge transfer, predefined reverse KT, predefined support processes, and KPI reporting deployed after the successful completion of AMS Transition.

Service Level Adherence Framework

The Service Level Adherence Framework from TekLink assists enterprises in completing system assessments based on incidents, providing support tickets, and verifying closed and open defects within a set timeframe. The framework is designed to help companies manage process improvements and escalations more effectively.

"Ace quality consultants who are not only technically savvy, but have also been sensitive, patient and proactive with our requirements!!"
Finance Business Manager

Multinational Food Manufacturing Company

"The transition to TekLink has brought a renewed energy to our BI team members, who appreciate the elevated level of design, development and troubleshooting discourse."
Sr. Director, IT Solution Architecture

Multinational Food Manufacturing Company

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Analytics in DevOps?

The Analytics service replaces the previous platform, which was based on SQL Server Reporting Services, as the reporting platform for Azure DevOps. Analytics is designed for reporting and is optimized for fast read-access and server-based aggregations.

Is DevOps related to business Analytics?

Business Analytics is part of the cross-functional processes in the DevOps world, providing immediate and ongoing input on needs and progress as development, testing, and operations all work together for the common goal of delivering value to the customer quickly.

How to Find the Right Power Business Intelligence Consulting Services for Your Business?

Here is how you can find the right Power BI Services for your business:
● Figure out the business problems you want to solve, and if the BI Service Provider addresses those
● The Service Provider must have a respectable industry recognition
● The Service Provider must also be providing security solutions
● You must check if the tools have strong visualization capabilities
● Find out how their tools perform real-time data updates
● Consider the Service Providers and Solutions used by your business rivals

How do BI solutions support improving the operational performance of an organization?

BI solutions enable authorized users to access data and interact with competitive intelligence from a single secure, centrally managed data warehouse. This enables organizations to make more strategic decisions by utilizing information quickly and efficiently.

What are the most significant challenges of DevOps Implementation?

Here are some of the most significant challenges in DevOps Implementation:
● Moving from Traditional Infrastructure to Microservices
● Integrating Tools of Different Domains
● Changing Well-Defined Processes to More Efficient Ones
● Separate Tools Set for Dev and Ops Team
● Adoption of New Tools
● Resistance to Change

What business problems does DevOps Analytics solve?

Here are some of the business problems that DevOps Analytics Solve:
● DevOps Analytics deliver more value to customers
● DevOps Analytics reduce cycle time
● DevOps Analytics speeds up time-to-market
● DevOps Analytics empowers continuous development