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Technology has advanced rapidly, enabling complex analysis of vast amounts of diverse data at high speed and low cost. At the same time, Cloud solutions are driving a more decentralized, service-oriented IT infrastructure. It is becoming more challenging to manage and utilize data assets, turn them into information and insights, make them accessible to businesses, and generate tangible business benefits. TekLink Advisory Services help our clients develop BI Roadmap Strategy, SAP Analytics Strategy and roadmaps, set up governance and organizations, define and implement data governance and management processes, and manage their projects and programs.

Service Overview

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Measurable Business Results with an Analytics Roadmap

Measurable Business Results with an Analytics Roadmap

Technical Advisory, Consulting and Implementation Services to Align with New Business Structure

Technical Advisory, Consulting and Implementation Services to Align with New Business Structure

Client Leverages TekLink Advisory Services to Determine Best Path Forward for their Planning Solution

Client Leverages TekLink Advisory Services to Determine Best Path Forward for their Planning Solution

Service Offerings

Our BI Roadmap Strategy services will help make the optimum utilization of technology that will benefit your organization to stay on its growth trajectory.

Service Offerings

New business cases start with the right idea. Sometimes it takes an outside view, an out-of-the-box question, or a discussion off the beaten track to generate just that idea. We help you to identify – and implement – new business cases.

Our Data Strategy Roadmap and SAP Analytics Strategy services help you define your Data & Analytics vision and roadmap to turn the increasingly diverse sets of data across multiple technologies into effective insights, fully aligned with your business strategy and supporting successful execution.

Agile organizations and governance represent a significant shift from traditional, strict, SLA-driven past models. It is key now to balance the agile, self-service analytics, and reliable reporting on consistent data.

Allow our Cloud Experts to guide you in migrating your cloud services. We have an expert team to assist you with every cloud need.


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Apply our experience to assess your current data & analytics landscape and capabilities – from alignment with the business strategy, from governance to technical architecture, to implementation details and daily operations. Identify and close gaps.

Traditional Data Management and Governance are challenged by the amount, diversity, and distribution of data. Classics like master data management, data quality, data transformations are still relevant and complemented by Data Catalogue solutions.

TekLink has successfully delivered more than 1400 projects and related programs to Fortune 500 companies in a global delivery model, applying our methodologies and best practices. It’s our dedication to your success that makes us successful.

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Free Data and Analytics Strategy Review Workshop Description

The Data & Analytics Strategy Review Workshop will be free of cost for the first ten customers who register. The workshop will be online, run exclusively for your organization, and scheduled at your convenience. You will receive a summary of our most relevant findings after the workshop. The workshop can be recorded on request.

“TekLink provided worry free BEx to AO Migration by analysing and converting our 500+ BEx workbooks to Analysis for Office while also increasing adoption by running power user workshops.”
Lakshmi Thota

Sr. Manager, Rust-Oleum Company

"We've created dashboards for all of our key businesses that leverages our SAP instance and now we have much better inventory visibility in our distribution networks.“
IT Director

Multinational Manufacturer of Home Appliances

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TekLink advisory services help clients assess and define their Data & Analytics strategies and roadmaps and deliver agile business solutions that turn data into actionable insights.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a data strategy roadmap?

The data strategy roadmap outlines how and when to put your data into action. It is an effective change management tool and ensures alignment with your organization’s vision, mission, and strategic goals.

What is a BI roadmap?

Business Intelligence (BI) Managers use BI roadmaps to visualize all aspects of BI, such as analytics, adoption, data, and training. Plan how BI will be used across your organization to improve efficiency and maximize performance as soon as possible.

What is predictive analytics in SAP HANA?

SAP Predictive Analytics is SAP business intelligence software that allows organizations to analyze large data sets and forecast future outcomes and behaviors. SAP Predictive Analytics can assist in making sense of big data and IoT by developing predictive analytics models to identify unanticipated opportunities, better understand customers, and uncover hidden risks.

How do you create an effective data strategy roadmap for an organization?

Here is how you create an effective data strategy roadmap for your organization:
● Involve stakeholders early
● Consider your business priorities
● Assess your company’s current state
● Decide on the goals and milestones
● Bring together people, processes, and technology to synchrony
● Consult a data strategy consultant

How does the company strategy fit with the data strategy?

Data strategy does not exist in a vacuum. It coexists with – and must work in tandem with – the other strategies of the organization, and together they represent nothing more than a road map to achieving the corporate vision. The data strategy is a supporting component in other strategies because each requires information to be successful. A successful data strategy includes meeting their requirements.

What are the differences between the data strategy roadmap and the SAP
analytics strategy roadmap?

A data strategy roadmap assists businesses in understanding how to leverage data and what opportunities it may provide. SAP analytics strategy roadmap is designed to translate the data strategy’s intent into SAP’s analytics software to implement the strategy’s key initiatives.