Anaplan Connected Planning
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Technology Overview

Anaplan strives to create a fully connected planning experience to expedite your forecast, budget, and reporting cycles. This business-owned solution enables the enterprise to become self-reliant and drive actionable data, thus facilitating effective decision-making. We, an official Anaplan Partner, help organizations use it to conduct monthly outlooks, annual and rolling forecasts, strategic long-range plans, operational planning, sales planning, and more while connecting the various functions of a corporation like Finance, Sales, SCM, Marketing, and many others.

Success Stories

Technical Advisory, Consulting and Implementation Services to Align with New Business Structure

Technical Advisory, Consulting and Implementation Services to Align with New Business Structure

Agile and Effective Anaplan AMS Support Services optimize Budgeting, Closing and Forecasting processes

Agile and Effective Anaplan AMS Support Services optimize Budgeting, Closing and Forecasting processes

Leveraging Anaplan to Increase Forecasting Accuracy and Profitability

Leveraging Anaplan to Increase Forecasting Accuracy and Profitability

TekLink Accelerators

Workforce/Headcount Planning
  • An essential part of budgeting and forecasting is planning for employee spend or Workforce planning. The model includes direct integration with your HCM tools such as Success Factors, Workday, or others. This model enables your team to plan headcount, salaries, benefits, attrition, hiring plans, and much more. Learn More
BOM Costing and Margin Analysis
  • TekLink’s BOM Costing and Margin Analysis model is a standalone Anaplan application that provides a single place for creating multiple What-If Scenarios to aid in determining price changes, KPI goal adjustments, and analyzing potential changes to production. Learn More
Marketing Spend Management
  • Make it easier for your Marketing Executives to understand the various ad and promotion campaigns better. This solution enables a single repository for real-time aggregation of your marketing spend. Enter new campaigns and allow our workflow model to send for approval while updating your budget/forecast. In addition, bring in your actuals at the level of detail of your choice to measure the effectiveness and ROI.
Scenario Planning
  • To answer management’s “What If” scenario questions can be time-consuming and challenging. Leverage our starter kit to jump-start your budget and forecasting model to address these “What If” scenarios. Our experts will design the model to match your specific organization’s needs using the 80/20 rule.
Product Allocations and Product P&L
  • Generating a fully burdened product P&L is most effectively built through product allocations. The power of Anaplan allows detailed production allocations at any level and frequency to generate product P&L’s for both actuals and planned. This model includes a P&L comparison dashboard and a summary of the desired time horizon.
Liquidity Planning
  • Cash is King, as they say. Our Anaplan experts built a starter kit to allow finance and treasury teams to understand the various impacts to Days Sales Outstanding, Days Sales of Inventory, Days Payable Outstanding, Cash Conversion Cycle, Cash flow budget, Employee Payroll cash flow impacts, and much more, all resulting in a projected cash flow statement and cash budget.
Predictive Forecasting
  • Understanding the numbers behind the numbers is critical. Whether you are developing your segment forecast or evaluating the submissions from your various lines of business, our solution allows you to assess statistically what your projections should be based on scientific modeling. The tool will also provide you with your standard deviation, R factor, and other key stats to manage and assess your financial forecasts and budgets.
Trade Promotions Management
  • Increase your gross margins by preparing more efficient and effective trade promotions. This model enables marketing teams to establish a solid customer demand baseline that is statistically based. Then, the Account team can prepare their promotions and assess their ROI in real-time for the projected returns. Once the actuals are received at the same level of the forecast (if available), the model will assess the actual effectiveness of the promotions. The model will link with your company’s approved demand plan and provide input into your company’s financial planning process if desired.

Capability Overview

Talk to our experts to explore TekLink’s unparalleled technical capabilities in Anaplan.

  • Data Integration

  • Self-supportive Solutions

  • Analytics, Planning, and Decision Support

  • Connecting your Anaplan Platform to Your Data Visualization Tool

  • Trade Promotions Execution

"TekLink's team exceeded Kellogg Latin America expectations with the implementation of Anaplan. Not only their diligence and technical mastery were evident, but also provide critical and out-of-the-box solutions to meet the project's criteria and expand its scope."
Senior Manager
Senior Manager

Kellogg's Company

"Since day 1, they have been extremely invested in the success of this engagement and have been exceptional in all aspects of delivery; everything from managing the budget team to building models that will provide much value for the years to come."
Deputy CFO

City Colleges of Chicago

"This is 1 million times better"
Team Lead, Marketing and Finance

Global CPG Company

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