Overview of the Client

Our client is a globally renowned medical supplies company specializing in manufacturing and distributing healthcare products, including ostomy care and continence care. Their products are widely used in healthcare facilities and pharmacies while at the same time being available to individual patients directly.

Overview of the Client

Business Objectives and Challenges

  • The client’s process was tedious and involved extracting data from Excel sheets for 19 countries.
  • The manual process made it difficult to build accurate dashboards, often leading to inefficiencies and time wastage.
  • The limited capabilities of Excel required manual data entry for subsequent years, hindering effective data communication, and decision-making, further leading to potential errors and resource-intensive tasks.
  • The client also faced complexities in integrating the data impacting the accuracy and reliability of marketing dashboards.
  • Furthermore, using Excel limited the automation capabilities and scalability opportunities.

The Solution

  • The TekLink Team proposed and implemented a Microsoft Power BI-based Cloud Solution for visualization.
  • The Team streamlined the dashboard creation process by uploading the required data into the necessary SharePoint site.
  • SharePoint was utilized as the data source for creating Power BI Datasets.
  • The team scheduled automatic data refresh to ensure improved data accuracy during reporting.

Business Outcomes and Benefits

  • The solution delivers appealing and interactive marketing dashboards for business users.
  • Data extraction is streamlined and automated, saving significant time and resources.
  • Power BI outperforms Excel in handling large datasets, ensuring efficient scalability and analysis.
  • Business users are empowered with dynamic, data-driven insights for better marketing decisions and potential revenue growth.
  • The data-driven approach facilitates improved processes and targeted marketing strategies.
Business Outcomes and Benefits

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