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The consumer products (CP) industry has been undergoing a huge transformation and consumer product companies are constantly reinventing and retooling their commerce. Customer Planning, Trade Promotion Management (TPM), and Revenue Growth Management (RGM) remain to be in focus, applying advanced analytics to continuously support the business transformation and improve the ROI on Trade Investments.

  • Are you running and enhancing your TPM solution at speed of business?
  • Do you have full visibility to KPIs to manage spend, promotion effectiveness, ROI, and performance against targets?
  • How quickly are you able to close enhancement & support requests?
  • How many new capabilities or improvements have you been able to introduce over the last 12 months?
  • Do you have full transparency of support cost and service levels?

Not entirely happy with your answers? Contact us at to request an assessment of your current TPM solution and/or your support model and to learn more about our services around Trade Management.

TekLink customers trust the proven “Value Added AMS” model that has been perfected over the years by effectively supporting planning and analytics solutions at long-run AMS engagements (many of these for more than ten years). Particularly for Trade Management, we offer a unique combination of a proactive approach, well-established processes, tools, accelerators, mature service level agreements, SAP TM methodology, and a global delivery model.

Some highlights of TekLink’s Value-added AMS Model for SAP TPM, Customer Planning and Growth Management are:

  1. Operations Support 
    • Keeping Lights On (KLO): Ensuring smooth operations, a timely refresh of data, and availability of metrics & KPIs.
    • Addressing user questions, data issues, knowledge management, master data issues, integration-related issues, and many others.
    • Proactive preventive maintenance and housekeeping, and automation tools to enable the same.
    • Proactive performance analysis and early watch alert analysis and remediation.
  1. Enhancements and Process Simplification
    • Enhancements to simplify the solution and improve usability (e.g. Automation, UI Improvements, Alerts, Interfaces, etc.).
    • Improvement to analytics (post-event analytics, pricing, trends, alerts, aggregated reporting, dashboards, better visualizations, etc.).
    • Continuous improvements to system functionality and performance (e.g. guardrails, alerts, KPIs UI, workflow, etc.).
    • Improvements to system performance and efficiency (optimized processing/ run-times for loads/ reports/ planning functions).
    • End-user enablement – Knowledge Management, self-service improvement, data storytelling workshops, etc.
  1. Flex Up models for introduction of new capabilities
    • Projects to accommodate changes in business or in landscape (master data changes, roll-outs, system changes, e.g. ECC to S/4, Process Changes, etc.).
    • Evaluation of new versions and capabilities, support Proof of Concept (POC)/Proof of Value (POV) initiatives.
    • Projects to introduce new capabilities (e.g. Scenario Planning, Promo Calendar, Dynamic Funding, Optimization, Integration with other solutions, etc.).
    • System Upgrades (application patches / versions, underlying platform upgrades / migration, etc.).

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