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12 Business Intelligence Predictions Shaping 2017

We are seeing many predictions lists in articles, newsletters and social media by thought leaders, social media influencers and vendors on predicting the future. Attempting to predict is considered by many to be akin to finding the proverbial 'unicorn' or something that is impossible to find or achieve.

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Getting Ready for Next Gen Data Warehousing – BW/4 HANA and Beyond

It wasn't a long time ago at an SAP conference in 2013 that an impromptu discussion with fellow attendees resulted in a lengthy and interesting debate on the impact of HANA will have on SAP’s Business Warehouse (BW). The discussion was initially centered around whether BW has any future in the Business Intelligence (BI) landscape that will be driven by HANA. We drilled into the pros and cons of a packaged EDW solution (like BW) vs. classic custom-built data warehouse solution on HANA.

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Top 8 BI Trends That Are Going to Make Waves in 2018

Thinking of 2018, there is quite a buzz about the new trends that are going to dominate the Business Intelligence (BI) market-space. Artificial Intelligence (AI), Analytics, Big Data, Cloud Computing, Data Visualization, Self-Service BI, Internet of Things (IoT), Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) ……… we have heard a lot about these technologies, but which ones will make waves in 2018?

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