Drill Through from BPC to BW by using Hierarchy members

Drill Through from BPC to BW by using Hierarchy members

In this blog, I will explain the issue caused during Drill-Through from BPC to BEx when we pass Hierarchy Node variable values.



We had a requirement to configure Drill Through from the EPM report to a BEx query. To fulfill this requirement we followed the SAP document How to.. Configure Drill Through Functionality and created the BEx query and configured the Drill Through in BPC WebAdmin.

The Drill Through was passing parameters from the EPM Report to Hierarchy Node variables in the BEx query which was, in turn, fetching data from the underlying info-providers in BW based on these parameters.

On triggering the Drill Through, we found that the parameters were passed correctly and the Drill Through was working perfectly for the base members of hierarchy. But when we triggered the Drill Through from EPM Add-in using parent members of the Hierarchy as a parameter, no data was retrieved.



On further analysis from SAP notes, we found that the BEx query considers parent dimensions of the hierarchy as a pure value instead of a hierarchy node value when passed via Drill Through parameters from EPM Add-in.

Since hierarchy node values could not be identified by the existing parameters of the Drill Through, we added a parameter in the configuration explicitly for the identification of parent members of the hierarchy.

Additional parameter to be passed is VAR_NODE_IOBJNM_1= Info-object Technical Name.

Drill Through Parameters used before:

Modified Parameters:

This modification solved the issue and Drill Through started working properly for the parent members as well.



There can be other scenarios related to the hierarchy node variables where Drill Through does not work properly. To check-in details please refer to the SAP Note mentioned in the references.



SAP Note: 2197736 – Drill-through retrieves no data when passing parent member – BPC NW


-By Sayani Ghosal

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