Overview of the Client

Our client is a leading multinational financial services provider, offering commercial, personal banking, wealth management, corporate and investment banking services. It is one of the largest banks in Canada based on deposits and market capitalization, with operations across 20 countries globally. Our client is featured in the top 50 on SNL Financial World’s Largest Banks.

Overview of the Client

Business Objectives

  • Our client has deployed over 15 Zero Based Budgeting (ZBB) Anaplan models for their worldwide business.
    • The client wanted to leverage additional expertise to optimize their existing solution.
    • They were looking for a different experienced Anaplan IT partner to streamline their solution.
    • They also wanted to identify the potential opportunities for further cost savings.

The Solution

TekLink was chosen as their trusted partner based on TekLink’s prior performance in Anaplan Application Managed Services (AMS) engagements. Our Global Support Model ensured cost-effective and flexible on-site and offshore support.

The solution and services provided by TekLink included:

  • Cleaning up existing models by reviewing hierarchies and removing unnecessary and unused components of the models.
  • Revising reports and dashboards to make them user-friendly.
  • Reviewing the existing budget templates for relevant entry and simplification.
  • Adding new reports to map and replicate Anaplan hierarchy to other existing system hierarchies.
  • Rolling out ZBB use cases to other international divisions/counterparts.

Key Benefits

  • The final implementation resulted in an efficient and improved budgeting process and other additional benefits such as:
    • Reduced effort for entering budgets by 1 week, i.e., from 3 weeks to 2 weeks (or a 33% reduction).
    • Increased clarity and improved management’s understanding with additional details included in the revised budget templates.
    • The additional information helped clarify specific ‘spending areas’ and ‘amounts’ which helps speed up the budget approval process.
    • The client saw a reduction of 15% in its discretionary cost.

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