• 4.8 Star Rating across the Year 2020-21
  • FY2020 Efficient Process Award issued to the Support Team

Overview of the Client

Our client is an American multinational food manufacturing company focused on producing cereal, and other convenience foods, including crackers and toaster pastries. They have their manufacturing units set up in more than 15 countries, with their product being distributed worldwide.

Overview of the Client

Business Challenges and Objectives

Our client uses the Anaplan Tool to generate the reports on their actuals, and budgeting, and financial forecasting. The client wanted a system for APAC and Africa.

The challenges to support the system were:

  • Managing multiple Anaplan Models in different regions.
  • Complying to the different reporting structures and varied allocation rules for the various regions/countries.
  • An increased coverage time window, providing support from Australia to Africa during their active work hours.
  • Interacting with users from 13 BU Regions covering over 50 countries.
  • Adhering to stringent timelines during the Actual Period Close Weeks and Forecasting & Budgeting cycles.
  • Handling multiple High Priority enhancements requests during the Non-Close Weeks from different BUs.
  • Integrating multiple data entry points for the movement of data for processing and detailed reporting in BPC.
  • Handling rapid business requirement changes with tight timelines for enhancements.

The Solution

TekLink provided an end-to-end support model that includes:

  • Ensuring the full-time availability of solution architects for the project.
  • Documentation of the detailed solution to ensure zero knowledge loss in case of resource movement/attrition.
  • Engaging the non-billable SMEs and Project Manager (PM) for advisory services or solutions or addressing other concerns, if any.
  • Conducting the end-user training and continuous update of the training content.
  • Following the agile approach to complete over 150 enhancements in 12-months without any added costs.
  • Continuous support for all the Anaplan Models covering enhancements, performance tuning, and new development.
  • A complete integration system know-how and coordinating with different teams for bug fixing.
  • Regular monitoring and model optimizations.
  • Working on RCA (Root Cause Analysis) and fixing the recurring issues/adjustments from the source.

Key Benefits

  • Automation of reporting actuals and data feeding to consolidation for external reporting.
  • The client witnessed significant improvements in user experience with minimal manual intervention leading to enhanced confidence in the Anaplan tool and solution.
  • Significant improvement in the overall closing cycle by enhanced checks and training.
  • The client can perform management reporting on the data at the most granular level.
  • The client-side analytics could solve their business problems while the TekLink Team managed the technical glitches and bugs.
  • Due to the documentation provided for training, the knowledge transfer was smooth and easy.
  • The support ensured a smooth closing process with the APAC leaves/holidays properly adjusted for, with the support solution.
  • The team actively engaged and supported all the time zones from Australia to Africa.
We are making huge improvements in monthly closing, thanks to your support and help. Feedback from all the BUs is very positive. Thank you guys and your teams for being a fantastic business partner in this journey.

APAC - IT Director

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