Client Overview

Our client is a leader in micro-manufacturing for life sciences. Their specialty includes laser ablating, cutting, drilling, and welding, shape cutting, and electropolishing, and many others. With their strategically located Development Labs, they efficiently serve the MedTech companies around the world.

Client Overview

Business Challenges and Objectives

  • The client wanted to harmonize the data coming from different regions and systems to create a common data foundation to enable self-service analytics.
  • TekLink Team was approached to create a Global Reporting System by combining data from multiple ERP systems.
  • The client also required different dashboards to ease their decision-making, these dashboards include:
    • Global Executive Dashboard
    • Sales Dashboard
    • Finance Dashboard
    • Supply Chain Dashboard
    • Quality Dashboard

The Solution

  • The TekLink Team combined data from three regional ERP Systems, i.e., North and Central America, Europe, and Israel.
  • We built a Harmonized Data Foundation on MS Azure with Single Reporting Currency for Global Dashboards and Reports.
  • We implemented Data Security to allow appropriate access to the Data, based on Roles.
  • We also trained the users on how to use the Data Foundation for Local and Global Reporting.
  • Designed and built an extensible Analytics Platform to address the future needs.

Key Benefits

  • Provided a cost-effective Analytics Platform for global reporting and self-service to support the company’s growth.
  • Provided a competitive advantage to the company for growth through new acquisitions.
  • The Executive Dashboards, Global Daily Sales Dashboard, Customer 360 Analytics are available with drill-down capability.
  • Availability of an ongoing DevOps capability to enhance reporting and adding new data sources.
  • The Business Analysts and Power Users can create their own Datasets in PowerBI from various data foundation structures and use their data for self-service and ad-hoc reporting.
Key Benefits

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