• Performance Improvements by 30%

Client Overview

Our client is a leading global provider of innovative protective packaging materials and other packaging systems. They are into designing, developing, and delivering packaging solutions for various consumer and industrial market segments. They have their manufacturing facilities in North America, and Europe with an extensive distribution network to serve global demands.

Client Overview

Business Challenges and Objectives

  • The client does not have a consolidated view of account manager performance that is related to the Annual Operation Plan (AOP).
  • The client wanted to have a comprehensive reporting solution to measure the Sales Effectiveness with the help of parameters like:
    • Sales Revenue
    • Forecasts Opportunities
    • Account Visits
    • Customer Service
  • With Sales Effectiveness Dashboard the client wished to:
    • Prioritize and focus on regional sales remediation activities
    • Increase the Account Manager throughput
    • Increase the opportunity conversion rates
    • Meet the targeted AOP

The Solution

  • The TekLink Team implemented the data models in HANA Cloud and Dashboards in SAC for all the KPIs required for Sales Effectiveness. These include:
    • Net Sales – Actual Vs Forecast
    • Expected Revenue
    • Annualized Opportunity Value
    • Account Visit Compliance
    • List of Growth and Deficit Accounts
    • Win/Loss Opportunities
  • The Team designed a solution architecture and developed the technical design document for future use.
  • The Team set up the HANA Cloud Account and Spaces, i.e., HANA Deployment Infrastructure(HDI) Containers, Cross Schema Access, and Security.
  • The Team built the data flows using replication tasks and flow graphs for the data sources like S/4HANA, C4C, AOP (Flat Files).
  • The Team built the Virtual Data Models using Calculation Views for:
    • Master Data
    • Sales Orders and Billing
    • Opportunites
    • Account Visits
    • Forecasted Pipeline
  • The solution developed provides an integrated view of the Sales Revenue, i.e., Actual Vs. Forecast.
  • The Team also provided an effective system that enables accurate performance analysis and optimizations.
  • TekLink provided the following key activities for the AMS:
    • HANA Cloud Models and SAC Dashboard Support
    • Data Flow Monitoring and Fixes
    • Future Enhancements as required
    • Performance Optimizations
    • Basic User Training

Key Benefits

  • The solution helped improve the performance of the reports by 30%.
  • The new solution gives the decision-makers access to critical information that allows them to:
    • Track performance against AOP and Sales KPIs.
    • A better understanding of the product category performance and devise the areas of improvement.
    • End-of-year forecasts and ability to drive an increased Account Manager Performance and Accountability.
    • The solution also helps in enabling monitoring of Sales Opportunities and identify the causes for the lost opportunities.
Key Benefits

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