Client Overview

Our client is an American multinational food manufacturing company focused on producing cereal, and other convenience foods, including crackers and toaster pastries. They have their manufacturing units set up in more than 15 countries, with their product being distributed worldwide.

Client Overview

Business Objectives

  • To create a data-driven, statistically backed solution to improve the visibility of product availability, across business units
  • To help the company manage inventory to reduce the losses
  • To integrate data from multiple sources and use it for effective data analysis, and insight generation.

The Solution

TekLink delivered the following solution using SAS Enterprise Guide, Microsoft SQL Server, and Tableau Desktop:

  • Dashboard Creation in Tableau to showcase inventory performance, and risk metrics for all of client’s business.
  • The management team makes the business decisions, by tracking the dashboards
  • The risk metrics allows the user to understand the inventory exposure of various products to the market.
  • The team helped process the data with SAS from SAP, SQL Server, and SharePoint, to create a comprehensive data file
  • Provision to generate customized reports from the final model, based on the requirements of individual business units
  • The reports are accessed by the business units on a weekly basis
  • The team also has provided regular enhancements and updates to the existing solution
  • The model was tuned to guide to the actual achieved in comparison to the predictions of inventory production and consumption

Key Benefits

  • Identification of products with high-risk inventory build-up due to various reasons such as:
    • Inadequate Planning (based on demand forecasting)
    • Past shipping performance
    • Planning production (based on actual shipments and planned production)
    • Revenue Slippage (actual POS sales comparing with national average consumption)
  • The metrics developed helps the business plan the future steps including write-off amounts
Key Benefits

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