• More than 99% System Availability

Overview of the Client

Our client is a global biopharmaceutical company that develops medicines for people with limited options for a better life. The client actively engages in the research, development, and commercializing of pharmaceutical products.

Overview of the Client

Business Objectives

  • The client required a cost-effective hosting solution, with a secure connection between On-Premise and AWS Cloud.
  • The client wanted a SOC2 and vulnerability compliant landscape.
  • The client also wanted a system with HA & DR solution along with proactive monitoring.

The Solution

  • TekLink Team sized the VMs optimally and migrated to new cost-effective VMs, released by AWS for the current and future sizing requirements.
  • We deployed a 4-system landscape (Dev, Quality, Pre-prod, and Prod) for the SAP BPC on HANA and SAP SSO applications.
  • We created an AWS Cloud formation template to deploy servers with:
    • Hardware specs,
    • Disk/Storage distribution,
    • Network Interfaces,
    • Operating System,
    • Restricted inbound/outbound Ports
  • We also implemented AWS Direct Connect (VPN) between the client network and AWS Cloud, coordinating with respective stakeholders.
  • The team built a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) for the server landscape with different subnets to limit access to the network.
  • TekLink deployed EC2 instances in multiple AWS availability zones to secure the servers.
  • We implemented public IP-based access controls to restrict external hacks.
  • We built an EC2 instance with SUSE Linux along with HANA 2.0 script to prepare servers with SAP recommended partitioning.
  • OS Security and SOC2 compliant policies were implemented based on the client and audit requirements.
  • All the unused and unsecured ports were blocked, enabling only the ones required by the application on the EC2 instances.
  • AWS Identity and Access Management (AWS IAM) and Key-based authentication were enabled to provide access to the servers.
  • The backup of applications was built on S3 Storage using scripts and schedules for weekly full, daily incremental, hourly log backup, and also monthly server AMI backups.
  • TekLink enabled and implemented AWS CloudWatch and custom scripts to monitor EC2 instances using event-based alerts, and logs.
  • We also optimized the resources and provided operational health of the landscape.
  • We enabled and implemented provision to run vulnerability scans twice a month and implement the recommendations based on the criticality.

Key Benefits

  • The team has implemented effective landscape and managed services to provide SLA greater than 99% system availability.
  • Cost savings with the implementation of AWS reserved instance.
  • Reduction of security risks from hacks or other external threats.
  • Improved Operating System efficiency with the help of regular patching.
  • A secured SAP system from internal and external communications.

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