Overview of the client

Our client is a multinational corporation headquartered in the United States, that manufactures and distributes an array of consumer and commercial goods. They have a diversified portfolio featuring multiple brands, and a wide range of products—ranging from everyday toiletries to industrial equipment—that cater to the needs of consumers and businesses worldwide.

Overview of the client

Business Challenges and Objectives

The client sought to broaden their decision-making capabilities by integrating a more extensive range of external datasets with enterprise data but was restrained by the limited capabilities of their existing Enterprise Data Warehouse regarding storage of significant sums of data, as well as the associated cost implications.

The Solution

  • TekLink defined architecture for a new data platform with modern capabilities and lower cost using Microsoft Azure Synapse and Data Bricks.
  • They designed a framework and implemented a modern data warehouse solution in stages.
  • An Azure Data Lake was created for POS data from retailers and eCommerce sites, while sales data from the client’s US-based distributor was pushed into Azure’s Analytics Model.
  • A business-friendly semantic data layer was developed using Azure Analysis Services.
  • Dashboards and reports were created in Power BI for self-service use by various user groups.

Business Outcomes and Benefits

  • TekLink helped the client develop a modern data platform to meet their growing need for data and advanced analytics.
  • The platform included Self-Service Analytics and Reporting, freeing up IT and finance resources for other strategic activities.
  • The platform enabled Business and IT teams to perform Advanced Analytics and develop Machine Learning models, such as analyzing product reviews and E-commerce search terms.
  • The Self-Service Analytics and Reporting capabilities allowed the client’s decision-makers to react quickly to business indicators and implement decisions more efficiently.

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