Client Overview

CSM Bakery Solutions is global leader operating within the bakery industry and producing a diverse range of products to cater to customers all around the world. Their portfolio offers high-quality bakery ingredients, finished products, and a wide range of services catering to retail, foodservice, artisan, and industrial bakeries.

Client Overview

Business Challenges and Objectives

  • The Promotion Planning in Excel lacked proper integration with other SAP systems.
  • Promotion guidelines were either missing or very cumbersome.
  • The visibility into trade spend and trade promotion effectiveness was not satisfactory.
  • Online approval workflow for promotions was not working correctly.
  • Claims, settlement process, funds planning, and accruals management were time-consuming and ineffective.

The Solution

  • TekLink implemented a holistic SAP Trade Management Solution, with tight integration to SAP ERP, Supply Chain Management, and analytics.
  • The solution provided comprehensive volume planning capabilities for both direct and indirect customers.
  • The sales volume planning process was streamlined, including base and incremental sales, with full integration with APO and TPM.
  • The solution enabled centrally governed promotions approval and management processes that reduced overall cycle time while providing better controls.
  • The solution provided real-time analysis of funds and checkbook reporting at a granular level, enabling analysis of planned, actual promotions, trends, promotional P&L, and other KPIs.
  • The solution enabled the analysis of planned and actual promotions, trends, promotional P&L, and other KPIs.
  • The integration of real-time reporting and analytics with Annual Operating Plan and Sales Data was established.
  • The solution provided a complete solution for all short and long-term agreements and associated spends, with tight integration to pricing and accounting and the ability to report at a more granular level.
  • KAMs were empowered with real-time visibility through overlap checks, alerts based on promotion guidelines, available funds, spends, and ROI (return on investment).

Business Outcomes and Benefits

  • Improved demand planning and supply chain execution for better efficiency.
  • Reduced out-of-stock and lost sales leading to increased revenue.
  • Streamlined processes, optimized trade spending, prevented margin leakage, and improved promotion ROI.
  • Better visibility at the business unit level with real-time P&L reporting and analytics.
  • Improved collaboration between KAMs and trade partners.
  • Achieved increased revenue, volume, and internal margin growth.
TekLink have been a great partner, bringing the right functional and technical leadership & skills. They are highly experienced, professional and deeply committed to our success! By no means has it been easy to deliver on-time and under-budget given our complex process requirements, but they have! TekLink has exceeded our expectations and I strongly endorse their capabilities and would happily recommend them to other customers/prospects

Assoc. Director, IT

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