About the client

Our client is a US based company specializing in coatings in a wide variety of industrial applications, materials, and sectors in more than 130 countries. Their refinishing business is considered a valued, reliable global partner to their customers with fast, efficient, high-quality coating technologies, and integrated digital business processes, making the paint repair journey faster, easier, and more profitable.

About the client

Business Challenges and Objectives

  • Our client collects the detailed process data from many paint shops in EMEA that results in huge volumes of files and data.
  • Due to the manual process of collecting this information, cleansing, integration, and analysis become very cumbersome.
  • The client wanted to automate the process to provide clear structured data that enables business-driven-self-service analysis.
  • The insights gained from the analysis should contribute to improving the quality of the products and services of the client.
  • The client also needed better insights to understand the changing demands of the market and optimize the distribution of products to the customers.

The Solution

  • TekLink provided an end-to-end solution from blueprinting, functional specification, technical specifications, build, testing, and deployment.
    • TekLink proposed different MS Azure-based architecture options, out of which the Databricks option was chosen as the basis for implementation.
    • Further, for optimal compatibility and secure ingestion into MS Azure, we asked the client to acquire the data files (JSON format) into the AWS S3 Storage.

    The solution includes:

    • Ingestion of JSON files into Azure Datalake Gen2 from AWS S3
    • Ingestion of customer, product, device, and other master data of from SQL databases into Azure
    • Transformation logic in Azure Databricks to parse JSON files and convert them into structured parquet files
    • Provisioning of pre-defined business-critical reports in PowerBI combining data about jobs and devices with master data
    • Enabling of PowerBI for ad hoc analysis of available data
    • In addition,
      • We also provided hypercare maintenance and support
      • Documentation for future maintenance and enhancements
      • Training for the key end-users to facilitate ad-hoc, and self-service analysis

Key Benefits

  • With the help of the dashboards, the readily available insights has started generating more demand for additional details.
  • Key business users can analyze the data independently
  • 100% availability of data on a daily basis as compared to the monthly availability
  • Data from over 700 paint shops is getting into cloud for analytics
  • Analytics for around 3 million jobs every month
  • The automated data collection process largely eliminates manual intervention, and improves data quality
  • The solution provides high performance, self-service analysis, reporting and visualization and reduces data latency (from weeks/months to a day)
  • The other benefits include:
    • Cost Savings by enabling the selection of right colors in every project
    • Improved distribution efficiency
    • Improved overall product quality and services
    • Improved overall refinish solution, especially on the service quality for the end users
    • Better tracking of devices and improvement in revenue generation

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