About the client

Axalta Coating Systems is a US-based company specializing in coatings in various industrial applications, materials, and sectors in more than 130 countries.

Their refinishing business is considered a valued, and reliable global partner to their customers with fast, efficient, high-quality coating technologies, and integrated digital business processes, making the paint repair journey faster, easier, and more profitable.

About the client

Business Challenges and Objectives

  • Gain easy access to meaningful insights facilitating continuous improvement of product and service quality.
  • Understand the changing market demands better and faster to help drive customer satisfaction and optimize the distribution of products to customers.
  • Reduce time-to-insight by automating the collection and processing of large volumes of IoT data from a significant number of paint shops across EMEA.
  • Establish an analytics platform with consolidated data and capabilities from ad-hoc, self-service analysis to statistical analysis, including standard reporting.
  • Improve data quality by standardizing the process of cleansing, integration, and preparation for analysis and by reducing manual intervention to a minimum.

The Solution

TekLink provided the solution based on  scalable Data Lake in the MS Azure Cloud, including:

  • A data model for self-service analytics, optimized for consumption by business.
  • Business access to ad-hoc analysis in PowerBI as well as pre-defined business-critical reports.
  • Ingestion of IoT data in JSON format from raw data storage in AWS S3.
  • Integration of customer, product, device, and other master data from operational SQL databases into the Data Lake.
  • Automated the data transformation process in Azure Databricks to parse JSON files and convert them into structured Parquet files.


As part of the handover, TekLink provided:

  • Training the key and end-users to facilitate ad-hoc, and self-service analysis.
  • Detailed documentation for future maintenance and enhancements.
  • Hyper-care maintenance and support.

Key Benefits

  • Consolidated data from over 3 million jobs in 700 paint shops available in the Cloud for ad-hoc, self-service data analysis, and visualization by business users.
  • Pre-defined dashboards with readily available insights have started to generate more demand for additional details.
  • Reduced data latency from weeks or even months to one day for all relevant data.
  • Data quality has improved significantly because of the automated data collection and transformation process, with minimal manual intervention.


Resulting Business Benefits include:

  • Increased revenue generation.
  • Cost savings enabling the selection of correct colors for every project.
  • Improved overall refinish solution, with enhanced product and service quality for end-users.
  • Higher efficiency in product distribution.
  • Improved device tracking for maintenance purposes.

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