Overview of the Client

The client is one of the leading foodservice distributors in the USA. They have broad and innovative offerings that cater to restaurants and foodservice operators pertaining to e-commerce, technology, and other business solutions.

Overview of the Client

Business Objectives and Challenges

  • The client wanted an executive-level view of different supply chain KPIs with various filtering options on the Time Parameter.
  • They aimed to save costs and reduce spoilage by identifying the at-risk products that have invalid expiration dates.
  • They wanted to analyze their data more effectively with the help of various data visualization options.
  • The client wanted to automate the processes to save employee time.
  • The client has 33 defined KPIs in their warehouse and transportation functions.
  • The client also wanted to get the periodic data from the current and previous years, along with YoY change and growth for the defined KPIs.
  • The data was spread across many reports and the customer wanted it condensed into a centralized report with two dashboards.

The Solution

  • The TekLink Team provided the solution in a two-phase approach:
    • In the first phase, the team blended thirteen different data sources to have clear insights till a more permanent solution could be provided.
    • In the second phase, a centralized automated data source was created to optimize the speed of the data refresh.
  • The TekLink Team provided the ability to the stakeholders to filter the information about their units at different levels (Market/Area/Regional).
  • We provided clear visual indicators to showcase the positive or negative trends to the standard goal/previous year’s performance.
  • The team enabled switching between markets and quickly, by automating and fastening the access to the data source.
  • A data source for the Vice President – Operations (VPO) was developed which was then used in Tableau for the Phase-2 version of the report.

Key Benefits

  • The client has a simple but consistent view to easily find the relevant information.
  • The new solution allows the client to check the YoY performance faster.
  • The solution also allows the client to see the impact of their initiatives on the markets.
  • The seasonality can also be checked in an eight-week cycle.
  • Through gap analysis, the client can see what needs to change to meet their goals.
  • The client can access all the 33 KPIs and their impact through one centralized location.
  • The client can identify market-specific performance for the strategic decisions.
  • The process to maintain dashboards with the proper set-up of refresh schedules and the data source implementation is easier now.

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