What is supply chain?

The supply chain is one of the core functions of any manufacturing business. As the business environment gets competitive, it requires companies to increase the efficiency of their supply chain. In other words, find avenues of cost-saving and automation, pro-actively monitor the key metrics at operational as well as strategic levels.

We aim to provide supply chain teams of our customers with visibility and analytics that will help them improve the supply chain processes.


Why is supply chain management important?

In supply chain, there is an extensive exchange of information across different processes. However, there is a general lack of visibility that is necessary to monitor the effectiveness of the supply chain. With our collective experience at TekLink, we have built several solutions that address the different aspects of business problems associated with the supply chain for many customers.

As a part of this focus area, we intend to have a collective repository of solutions that we can custom-build for our customers.


Have You Optimized Your Supply Chain for Sales & Operations?We believe that Integrated Business Planning (IBP) is a critical process for any product-oriented company.

Whether you are facing a pandemic or not, companies must enable their supply chain to operate in a real-time, efficient, and timely fashion to provide information to your supply base. By connecting your demand planning processes to your supply chain team, having a robust Integrated Business Planning System will enable your suppliers to act efficiently and timely on your behalf to fulfill your customers’ orders and minimize inventory.

TekLink helps clients minimize operational disruptions and smooth out their supply with IBP and other supply chain solutions. Our starter kits help us expedite project deployment and reduce errors while reducing overall project risk. It includes our Areas of Expertise: Migration from APO to IBP, Demand Planning, Global Available to Promise, Production Planning and Detail Scheduling, Service Parts Planning, Analytics, and Integration.


Supply Chain Management Offerings

Procurement 360/Spend Performance

Performance 360/Spend Performance


This solution will provide full visibility to the procurement process including data preparation, KPIs and data visualization. We intend to build a KPI framework spanning various aspects of procurement (procurement savings, operating costs, quality, supply assurance, supplier performance, inventories, payables and cashflow).

OTC Analytics / OTIF

OTC Analytics / OTIF


This solution will provide a complete outbound supply chain visibility. OTIF is a measure of a company’s outbound operation that mainly measures customer satisfaction. But it also contains a wealth of information and is a good headline measure of the effectiveness of a company’s supply chain.

Inventory Analytics

Inventory Analytics


The solution presents end-to-end visibility to the inventory levels at various locations and provides Inventory Trends. It also enables business users to analyze inventory related data more accurately and determine how it relates to profitability.

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