In a fast-changing business environment, business models are continually evolving. But the one key area that companies focus on is pricing. The businesses adjust the pricing in real-time based on the demand for specific SKUs/Services that may soar, or wane based on the ever-changing consumer preference.

Implementing and maintaining an effective pricing strategy specific to target markets helps companies to maintain a competitive edge over other players.

According to research done by a leading research firm – “Effective pricing strategies and tactics can deliver a 2 to 7 % increase in the Return on Sales.”

Irrespective of the different pricing strategies used in organizations, TekLink’s Pricing and Analytics solutions help our customers maintain a competitive edge.


TekLink’s Pricing Solution helps our customers identify revenue leakages and potential opportunities for revenue or margin improvements, closely monitor various pricing buckets, and impact margin. It also helps in pricing management at the transaction level, building data-driven Price Strategies, and minimize price erosion.

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