Today’s consumers are making healthy lifestyle choices. An everyday consumer tends to have as much access as possible to understand the products they purchase and bring in their homes. For companies, the more information they convey about the product on the labeling, the more successful the brand will be, in turn generating growth.

The ultimate goal of any Health and Wellness program is to make a difference in an individual’s health and well-being. There has been an increased focus by individuals using wearables/fitness trackers that monitor health, trigger alerts, and prevent adverse events. At the same time, there is an equal responsibility from Consumer Goods companies to stay adept at meeting the current day consumer demands.

According to the survey from Consumer Good Forum and Deloitte in 2019:

98% of companies reported reformulating at least some parts of the product portfolio to align with health and wellness policies and over 70% of companies reported reformulating salt and sugar in their products.


Why Health and Wellness :

  • Global rise in obesity and related diseases
  • Consumer preferences
  • Legislative action
  • Media focus
  • Investor choices
  • Activist Movements

TekLink’s solution in the Health and Wellness space enables the companies to allow the analytical reporting of progress against the Company Health and Wellness targets using a data-driven approach.

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