S4HANA CDS View Analyzer

S4HANA CDS View Analyzer


What is S4HANA CDS View Analyzer?


The S4HANA CDS View Analyzer is developed using PowerBI for an easier and quicker way to identify the Standard SAP delivered CDS Views. These CDS Views can be used for any purpose as the users will be able to analyze the content quickly and efficiently, saving a lot of user time and efforts



Key Features

Help accelerates Fit-Gap Analysis for CDS View Development

Saves time and effort from exploring SAP delivered standard CDS Views by functional areas




Helps analyze multiple CDS Views to better understand the interdependencies

Provides a detailed field level analysis for finding the right KPIs

Why use the CDS View Analyzer?

To develop a suitable standard CDS View


Bifurcate the CDS Views by field


Expedites the analysis and discovery phase


Speeds up the collection of meta data


Helps with free-form text search of standard CDS Views/Fields

Practical Usage

What can you use it for?


BW Development Assessment


S/4HANA Reporting Assessment


Upgrade (Assessment) and Development projects in S/4HANA


Custom CDS View Development