Our Journey

2003Our Origins

Our journey began with the idea of making a positive impact through value of information. The idea transpired into a company and TekLink was founded by Pankaj Gupta in Naperville, IL USA in 2003; with a group of smart, curious and industrious Planning and Analytics consultants aiming to contribute significantly towards customer success.

2005Onboarding First 5 Fortune 500 Clients

In two years TekLink made it’s name in the BI & Analytics industry and on-boarded the First five Fortune 500 clients for Business Intelligence and Analytics services in 2005.

2007India Development Center

India Development Center was set up in Hyderabad to meet growing demand of global delivery and right shoring.

2007First Application Management Contract in a Global Delivery Model

TekLink won the First contract for BI Application Management Services to  execute in a global delivery model.

2010First 360 degree BI Advisory Services engagement

TekLink landed its first end-to-end Advisory Services engagement to define a BI roadmap and strategy for a leading Logistics company in North America.

2010Launch of TekLink Innovation Labs

TekLink Innovation Labs was launched to empower employees and clients  to collaborate and innovate.

2011Hosted First TekLink Innovation Day Event (TIDE 2011)

TekLink Innovation Day Event (TIDE) is a global customer conclave hosted to share experience and ideas with all our clients and prospects

2011TekLink Foundation Program (TFP)

TekLink Foundation Program (TFP) is launched, inducting brightest of minds from leading universities in USA and India.

2013Once a customer, always a customer

Completed a decade of partnership with our first customers and continued to support and contribute towards their Analytics and Planning Journey.

2015TekLink in Europe

TekLink expanded its global presence and commenced its operations in Europe, with regional headquarters in Lucerne, Switzerland.

2016First Application Management Services Client in Europe

European operations accelerated with the first Application Management Services Client won in Europe in 2016.

2016First Client in South America

Expanding our horizons, we won our first project in South America.

2018Most Successful and Dynamic Innovation Day Event (TIDE 2018)

2018 saw the biggest Innovation Day event (TIDE 2018) with participation representation extending across 10 industries, including more than 35 corporations and sessions covering 10+ technologies.

2019Enhanced Global presence

Currently TekLink is serving clients from 12 diverse Industries across the globe, in their analytics and planning journey.

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