Operational Reporting Conversion Accelerator

Operational Reporting Conversion Accelerator (ORCA)


ORCA – An Introduction


Operational Reporting Conversion Accelerator (ORCA) helps to rebuild the functional or business logic in ECC or BW with ease into S/4HANA. ORCA also helps accelerate the process of analyzing the ECC ABAP programs in a structured manner and assist in replacing them with CDS Views in S4/HANA. With its ability to analyze the ABAP Programs with much lesser effort from the users, it also helps save valuable business time.



Key Features

Helps extract all the meta data of ABAP Programs for the creation of CDS Views

With the CDS Views joined with the application component, it is easier to analyze the data bifurcated by functional areas

Helps accelerate the process of analyzing and finding the appropriate CDS Views

The context-based CDS Views helps to quickly analyze the report on the required fields

Practical Usage

What can you use it for?


To deploy CDS View by replacing ABAP objects/programs across the landscape with quick impact assessment.


To replace or rebuild different reports/programs with minimal efforts using CDS Views in S/4HANA.


For S/4HANA reporting assessment, upgrade, and development projects in S/4HANA, and Custom CDS View Developments.