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Breaking Down the Benefits of DevOps Consulting Services in CI/CD Implementation

DevOps is a methodology and cultural approach to software development that emphasizes collaboration, integration, and communication between development and operations teams. By promoting shared responsibility and cooperation throughout the software development lifecycle, DevOps aims to bridge the gap between these two domains. This approach adopts automation, streamlined processes, and tools to enable efficient software application […]

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Drill Through from BPC to BW by using Hierarchy members

In this blog, I will explain the issue caused during Drill-Through from BPC to BEx when we pass Hierarchy Node variable values. Background We had a requirement to configure Drill Through from the EPM report to a BEx query. To fulfill this requirement we followed the SAP document ‘How to.. Configure Drill Through Functionality’ and […]

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Loading JPY Currency Amount in SAP BW

Implementing Currency Amounts Via DB Connect Data Source in SAP BW We were facing an issue in the BW report where JPY currency amounts were displaying 100 times more than its actual value in the source. The source of data was the SQL database via DB connect. We mapped the amounts to an info object […]

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