Material Management Application Walkthrough

TekLink has developed an in-house application to support project-based material management. This includes project proposals, project item proposals, and once approved, how the BOM is calculated and how warehouse volumes are affected. With this application, distribution centers and warehouses supplying project-based solutions can expect the following features:

  • Role Interconnectivity
  • Ability to approve/ reject projects and project items
  • Security protected homepages for roles
  • Automated Warehouse volume adjustments
  • Automated Project TRID tracking and notifications
    -Automated Warehouse Order TRID and tracking
“TekLink’s team exceeded Kellogg Latin America’s expectations with the implementation of Anaplan. Not only their diligence and technical mastery were evident, but also provided critical and out-of-the-box solutions to meet the project’s criteria and expand its scope.”
Francisco Ibarra
Francisco Ibarra

Sr. Manager, Kellogg Company

“TekLink provided worry free BEx to AO Migration by analyzing and converting our 500+ BEx workbooks to Analysis for Office while also increasing adoption by running power user workshops.”
Lakshmi Thota
Lakshmi Thota

Sr. Manager, Rust-Oleum Company

"TekLink has exceeded our expectations and I strongly endorse their capabilities and would happily recommend them to other customers/prospects”
Assoc. Director, IT
Assoc. Director, IT

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