Advanced Techniques for Automating Data Integration with Anaplan Connect

Understanding Data Integration and Automation

Data Integration is gathering data from different sources into a centralized source for better data analysis and decision-making. Data Automation is the use of technology to automate data-related tasks and workflows to improve the efficiency and productivity of an organization. These are important activities that an organization must consider implementing for modern data management to benefit the organization’s growth.

Understanding Anaplan Connect

Anaplan Connect is a utility enabling users to automate data integration between Anaplan and external data sources. It lets the users import, export, and manipulate data using scripts, minimizing manual efforts, and increasing efficiency manifold. Anaplan Connect simplifies the integration of Anaplan with other systems, making it easier to manage and manipulate data within Anaplan.

Why think of Anaplan Connect to automate your Data Integration Process

Automating data integration with Anaplan Connect provides several benefits, including increased efficiency, improved data quality, seamless integration, scalability, and better insights. Automation through Anaplan Connect centralizes data, making it easily accessible and shareable across teams, promoting further collaboration and data democratization. The solution with Anaplan Connect is scalable, suitable for businesses of all sizes, and can handle complex data integration requirements. It also provides real-time insights into data, allowing for faster decision-making and guiding businesses to stay ahead of the curve.

Different Ways to Automate Data Integration process using Anaplan Connect

  • Using Script Parameters – Script parameters are a way to make your Anaplan Connect scripts more flexible. You define some settings that you can change each time you run the script, like the location of the data source file. Then when you run the script, you can change those settings easily by passing them in as arguments. This means you can use the same script for different data sources or change the settings without editing the script itself.
  • Using Variables – Variables can automate a script’s data integration process with Anaplan Connect. Values, like your Anaplan login details, can be stored in variables and reused throughout the script. You assign the initial values to these variables at the start of the script, then use them to connect to Anaplan and map your data. If you need to change these values, you can modify them during the script’s execution. You can then automate the script using tools like Jenkins, Bamboo, or Task Scheduler. This simplifies the data integration process and ensures script performance consistency during repetitive executions.
  • Using Error Handling – Error handling is a way to prevent and manage errors while transferring data with Anaplan Connect. To use error handling, you first need to identify what kind of mistakes might happen, like when a file is missing or there’s a problem with a connection. Then, you can plan how to handle these mistakes when they occur, like by displaying a message or trying again. After that, you can write code to recognize and deal with these mistakes in your script. You should always test your error handling to ensure it works correctly before running your script. Using error handling can help avoid problems and make your data integration process more dependable.
  • Using Batch Files – Batch files are commands that can be run automatically at specific times in Anaplan Connect. To use batch files, you need to create your Anaplan Connect script first with the actions you want to take. Then, create a batch file that will call your Anaplan Connect script and include any necessary settings. Afterward, you can schedule the batch file to run at a specific time using tools like Windows Task Scheduler. Using batch files, you can automate your data integration process, avoid errors, and save time.
  • Using Scheduling – Anaplan Connect allows you to schedule your data integration tasks to run automatically at specific times. This saves you time and reduces errors. Create an Anaplan Connect script, a task scheduler, and a scheduled task to run your script at the desired frequency. Testing and monitoring the task is important to ensure it runs correctly. By automating your data integration with Anaplan Connect scheduling, you can free up time and ensure reliable results.

As we see, different methods exist to automate Data Integration with Anaplan Connect. Each approach has pros and cons but aims to make the data integration process easier and more efficient.

Anaplan Connect can also provide various benefits for automating data integration, such as automating complex data integration processes, reducing manual data entry errors, and enhancing data accuracy. This can result in better business insights and decision-making capabilities.

To achieve efficient and accurate data integration in Anaplan Connect, it’s important to choose the method that suits the organization’s needs best and implement it effectively. Therefore, evaluating the organization’s data integration needs is recommended as choosing the most appropriate method for a successful implementation that delivers the desired outcomes.

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