HANA to SQL Migration Accelerator

HANA to SQL Migration Accelerator (HSMA)


HANA to SQL Migration Accelerator helps to quickly convert HANA Views into the equivalent SQL. The converted SQL can thus be directly executed in target SQL/HANA DB most of the scenarios and with little manual adjustments for complex HANA Views. The use of the HSMA accelerator will also help reduce the overall migration cost significantly.

Key Features

Saves the significant cost of migation from HANA to SQL

Easy-to-interpret output and directly deployable for most scenarios

Brings in 80% automation in the process of a HANA Migration to a Cloud Project

Saves the overall time involved in the migration


To accelerate the implementation of HANA to Cloud migration projects


To improve Time to Market (TTM) and save cost


As a pilot for a quick feasibility analysis and decision making


To allow the business users to quickly explore the data in cloud that is on HANA


To reduce the cost of learning of HANA Views before migrating them to SQL

Practical Usage

What can you use it for?


HANA to Cloud SQL Migration Projects


Quickly build and analyze a HANA View in SQL


To migrate HANA Views to any SQL-based Cloud Warehouse such as Google Big Query, Snowflake, and Synapse