Join TekLink at SAP Financials 2019

Join TekLink at SAP Financials 2019

TekLink is a proud Exhibitor at SAP Financials 2019  to be held at Las Vegas, March 19-21. We are pleased to have several of our industry experts speaking at the event.  Mark your calendar for valuable insights on how you can leverage these technologies to transform your business.

Below is a summary of our sessions.

Improve forecast accuracy with SAP Analytics Cloud predictive forecasting

Carlos Juarez
19- Mar, 1:15 PM

Attend this session to learn how to leverage SAP Analytics Cloud predictive capabilities to improve your forecasting accuracy. Find out how to use SAP Analytics Cloud to simplify your planning process and:
• See how an SAP Analytics Cloud scenario using public information was created, step by step
• Review a real-world case study to understand how the SAP Analytics Cloud model provides accurate forecast information and simplifies the planning process
• Learn how SAP Analytics Cloud visualization capabilities allow you to easily create reports and high-impact dashboards

Data storage and modeling techniques to optimize your SAP HANA system

Pravin Gupta
19- Mar, 3:45 PM

Are you getting the best out of your high-performance SAP HANA database? This session will empower you with techniques to optimize your SAP HANA system. Explore real-life implementation scenarios and solutions to help ensure effective utilization of your SAP HANA investment and deliver optimal performance at runtime, high-data availability, and SAP HANA memory footprint reduction. You will explore:
• How to approach optimization from various angles, including but not limited to data modeling, nearline storage, and dynamic tiering
• Use cases, advantages, and limitations of using smart data access for rapid prototyping and performance improvement
• Important housekeeping activities you may not be aware of, such as regular cleanup of the persistent staging area (PSA), changelogs, and Basis “hidden” tables
• Agile development options for users to model data for custom requirements in production, including a real-life case study demonstrating cost savings and memory usage reduction


SAP planning tool options for Central Finance

Carlos Juarez
20-Mar, 4:45 PM

Attend this session to learn how to choose the best SAP planning tool for your Central Finance implementation. Understand the pros and cons of each planning tool and:
• Take home a decision tree to help you decide if you can keep your current planning system
• Gain insight into the skills required for each option so you can staff your team appropriately
• Learn methodologies to keep your end users engaged through the development of the selected solution


Supercharge your SAP Business Planning and Consolidation capabilities with SAP Analytics Cloud

Shelly Jain
21-Mar, 8:30 AM

See how SAP Analytics Cloud can supercharge your SAP Business Planning and Consolidation (SAP BPC) capabilities with the power to plan, predict, and visualize in a single solution. Create top-down strategic plans, more accurate forecasts and user engaging visualizations across multi-functional teams. Attend to:
• Learn how to create a hybrid planning solution and leverage planning features in SAP Analytics Cloud such as top down planning, spreading and allocations to automate and streamline your planning activities
• Find out how to create better forecasts using predictive features in SAP Analytics Cloud using historical data, external influential data and R visualizations
• Explore key decisions to make and potential challenges associated with implementing a planning solution in SAP Analytics Cloud
• Watch a demo on sales planning, expense planning and predictive forecasting in SAP Analytics Cloud integrated with SAP BPC


LAB Session:



Improve your planning process by leveraging SAP Analytics Cloud’s game changing predictive analytics capabilities

Carlos Juarez & Shelly Jain
20-Mar, 10:30 AM  & 1:45 PM

Attend this in-depth workshop to learn the game changing predictive, planning and visualization capabilities of SAP Analytics Cloud. Using publicly available data for a beverage company we will take you step by step through the complete process of sales forecasting using traditional methods as well as predictive algorithms. Take your predictive model to the next level by including external leading indicators such as consumer behavior and macro-economic factors that drive your business results. Finally validate the accuracy of your model using real numbers and facts. Automated predictive forecasts using the hidden drivers of your business is what your forecast process has been missing. Join this session to learn how to:
1. Create interactive, sophisticated and user engaging stories (visualizations) in SAP Analytics Cloud to enable a sales forecasting process
2. Use various planning features such as top-down planning to generate a sales forecast
3. Create a predictive forecast using the built-in statistical algorithms of SAP Analytics Cloud
4. Create a predictive model and forecast using an external leading indicator which drives this business

Visit us at our booth to learn more about our solutions and how TekLink can deliver them for your organization.


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