Top Beauty Retailer Leverages TekLink’s Data Visualization Services for Store Inventory Accuracy

Top Beauty Retailer Leverages TekLink’s Data Visualization Services for Store Inventory Accuracy

Top Beauty Retailer Uses TekLink’s Data Visualization Services

About the Client:

Our client is one of the leading beauty retailers operating over 1000 stores within the United States.


 Business Objective:

This project had following business objectives:

  • Identify inaccuracies in product inventory by SKU, selective advertised products, and gift products in stores
  • Leverage TekLink’s extensive knowledge in data analysis and visualization techniques to analyze Inventory audit data and define a repeatable process for KPI analysis
  • Get actionable insights to eliminate inventory inconsistencies at stores
  • Minimize lost sales opportunities of the products not available on the shelf


TekLink Solution Offered:

TekLink team worked closely with the client’s merchandising team and 3rd party audit team in providing the following solution using Microsoft Excel templates (reusable data gathering template) and Tableau desktop in the form of dynamic dashboards:

  • Analyzed  audit data from 98 retail stores
  • Established Data Quality checks on the audit data
  • Defined Data Exceptions
    • Mismatch with enterprise master data
    • Missing quantity
  • Developed custom data collection files for further analysis and re-usability
  • Built multiple dashboards and data analysis in Tableau based on merchandise hierarchy
  • Built data flow charts and established guidelines for future analysis


Outcomes and Benefits:

Our client realized the following outcomes and benefits:

  • Interactive analysis allowed identify store physical inventory gaps
  • Improved quality of inventory audit data
  • Established a reusable inventory audit analysis process
  • Prompted merchandise managers to quickly identify inaccuracies by brand, merchandising hierarchy and regional location


Customer Quote:

“Thank you [TekLink team] for the great work you did in pulling this all together.  We really appreciate how thoughtful and thorough you were!”

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