TekLink’s “Value Added Upgrade” to BPC 10.1 saves a global CPG corporation time and money!

TekLink’s “Value Added Upgrade” to BPC 10.1 saves a global CPG corporation time and money!

About our client: Our client is a global leading cereal company, second largest producer of cookies and savory snacks; and a leading North American frozen foods company. The company uses BPC NetWeaver version 7.5 for financial planning and reporting on their profit and loss and balance sheet along with a sales application used for sales integrated business planning.

Business Challenge: Our client needed to upgrade their current Business Planning and Consolidation (BPC) installation from BPC 7.5 to BPC 10.1. They were not satisfied with the performance of the 7.5 BPC system and looked to TekLink to help them improve performance while implementing the upgrade. Our client needed to ensure the upgrade would provide the desired enhancements to efficiency.

This required comparing the performance boost with and without HANA via TekLink’s “Value Added Upgrade”. The customer did not have the infrastructure or IT resources to perform this analysis on their own.

TekLink’s Solution: TekLink leveraged our vast expertise with BPC / BW and HANA and Cloud Technologies to develop our “Value Added Upgrade”. Much more than a simple upgrade, by analyzing the business processes and current BPC configuration, TekLink can determine how to best utilize new features and functions available in the new version. Applying changes to the configuration to take advantage of these features, we develop an optimized system that performs better and provides a better user experience.

Since the client did not have the infrastructure or IT resources needed to perform a proof of concept, TekLink employed the “TekLink Innovation Labs” systems to set up three different landscapes so the client could see how BPC performed in each scenario. This enabled the client to benchmark the performance, review new features, and make an informed decision.

Project Success: By leveraging “TekLink’s Innovation Labs” BPC landscape, our client was able to run in-depth tests on their own data to verify performance improvements resulting from both BPC 10.1 and BPC 10.1 on HANA. Using this approach, TekLink was able to upgrade the client’s system to BPC 10.1, deliver a better user experience and significant performance improvements with minimal impact to the client’s business users and IT department.

PoC Details:

Systems built:

  • System 1 – BPC NW 7.5 on Oracle
  • System 2 – BPC NW 10.0 on Oracle
  • System 3 – BPC NW 10.0 on HANA

Artifacts tested:

  • Data Loads
  • Ad-Hoc Reporting (various sizes)
  • Formatted Reporting
  • Data Input
  • Book Of Reports
  • Logic Calculations


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