SAP Trade Management at the heart of the Growth Strategy

SAP Trade Management at the heart of the Growth Strategy

About the Client:


Our client is an international pet products and pet care company with presence in more than 70 countries and serving more than 14 million households.


Business Objectives:


  • Withdrawing dependency from cumbersome, time-intensive manual planning processes and meet the growing business demands.
  • Holistic solution which enables business to perform customer and trade promotion planning using a harmonized platform and empower the users with structured analysis of promotional and non-promotional KPI’s, integration with actuals, trend analysis, effect of pricing changes etc.
  • Delivering comprehensive promotional solution that gives a global view of past and future data from various sources in an easy-to-use UI and deliver operational & analytical reports for better-informed decision making.
  • The solution is part of the overall growth management strategy,  improving transparency of customer and promotion planning, allowing a more targeted execution and improving the alignment of demand and production


The Solution:


  • The solution to cater to all of client’s needs and challenges was to implement SAP Trade Management which provides an integrated platform of SAP CBP & TPPM to manage their customers and promotions in one unified application.
  • Starting from the incubation of the project till hyper-care support, TekLink was the only implementation partner, and involved in all phases of the solution implementation.
  • This provided a unified view of business plans & linked promotions, ensure automatic update of plan, reference & actual data; incorporating cascading P&L and promotion layouts to cater to client’s sales process.
  • The implemented solution enabled planning in multiple units, with UI available in different languages with various views to analyze sales, internal targets and promotions.
  • TekLink delivered analytical reporting solution in SAP Cloud and operational reports for detailed analysis, with future scalability options


Outcome and Benefits:


  • Reduced time & effort previously spent in manual planning.
  • Ease in planning and maintaining large number of KPI’s with seamless integration with sales & budget data.
  • Power to plan and analyze promotional and non-promotional spends in a single place led to user satisfaction.
  • Custom implementation catered to complex sales and planning process of client.
  • Improved performance by use of UI5 bundled with latest technology
  • Facilitating their growth management strategy which is based upon new products and on strong promotion efforts


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