Reach your Big Data and Advanced Analytics Goals using BW4HANA and Visualization

Reach your Big Data and Advanced Analytics Goals using BW4HANA and Visualization

About the Client:


Over the course of 45 years, our client has transformed from a small chemical trading company into a multi-billion dollar global powerhouse for the automotive, chemical, and agricultural industries managing over a dozen leading consumer and commercial brands across 60 countries.


Business Challenges:


  • The business objective was to build and showcase scenarios for building internal business case for our client.
  • Showcase key benefits of using BW/4 HANA with S/4 HANA landscape.
  • Use clients QA data for onetime extract to demonstrate reporting scenarios.
  • Demonstrate the administration capabilities of BW/4 HANA cockpit.
  • Showcase tool integration capabilities for BO, Analysis for office and Tableau.
  • Additionally, showcase any off-the-shelf business reporting capabilities.
  • Integrate the AS/400 data with the S/4 data.


The Solution:


  • Unification of data from various sources (AS/400 and SAP) for Sales, Finance (Payables and Receivables) and General Ledger was made available in a consolidated format
  • Implemented latest functionality with Best designing practices for BW/4HANA using ‘Eclipse modelling and reporting tools’
  • Incorporated complex business logic in data transformation for the derivation of significant KPIs


Outcome and Benefits:


  • Bird eye view on combined data from various sources made decision making easy!
  • Nimble data-model with best practices for future scalability
  • Tableau dashboard for better visibility on profitability from class-A customers
  • Executive level Tableau dashboards for Important KPI’s for Sales, Finance KPIs for open orders, Net sales and costing analysis


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