Success Story: Building a Centralized Order to Cash (OTC) Scorecard

Success Story: Building a Centralized Order to Cash (OTC) Scorecard

TekLink offers expertise to build an Order to Cash (OTC) scorecard bringing the multitude of KPIs together into one centralized dashboard for a global food manufacturing company.                                                                           



  • Create a comprehensive Order to Cash (OTC) scorecard bringing the multitude of KPIs into one centralized dashboard
  • Provide a common scorecard to drive better insights and business decisions
  • Unify several different business owners with several KPI’s independent with one another into one common business view


The Solution:

TekLink team used SAP, SQL, BODS, MemSQL and Tableau to deliver the following solution to the client:

  • Created over 15 independent data views built on multiple data sources, (SAP, user provided flat files, MemSQL, Salesforce, etc.) into tables which were all connected to one centralized dashboard. The data set size varied from 1000 to over 1 million rows.
  • Data sources consolidated being the key challenge in this project which resulted in a need for a specialized team that could correctly identify the business needs and execute the needed tasks
  • Developed each KPI in parallel using Agile methodology allowing for streamlined, efficient work with business and IT
  • Integrated data coming from different functional groups (Sales, Order Management, Collections, Deductions)


Outcome and Benefits:

  • Automated the creation of several KPIs which were calculated manually by business users before this project saving time and money. Prior to this project, there was no unified solution which covered the scope and depth of 20+ KPIs.
  • Created a one-stop central location to observe KPI performance for the entire Order to Cash process allowing executives to gain insights from available data driving business goals.
  • Enabled a new ability to visualize and interact with the data in Tableau in a more meaningful way than prior methods (Excel, SAP, etc.).
  • Updated and refreshed several KPIs at a higher frequency than before allowing for timely data-driven decisions (i.e. moved from monthly refresh to daily refresh of data).


To everyone who contributed to this project implementation,

Outstanding! Big win! This is the metric that our key users, really, really wanted as part of the initial rollout. I am thrilled to see this come to fruition so quickly. Very good work!


– Lead Business Analyst

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