Optimized Marketing Spend with Anaplan-based Comprehensive Planning Solution

Optimized Marketing Spend with Anaplan-based Comprehensive Planning Solution

About the Client:


Our client is one of the largest American multinational food-manufacturing companies producing cereal and convenience foods, marketed across 180+  countries. A Fortune 500 company with 13B+ Annual Revenue, employing 33000+resources across the globe.


Business Challenges:


The client wanted to develop a custom marketing platform to plan promotional planning using Anaplan. There were several drawbacks in the existing promotion planning process, however, the key challenges were:

  • Siloed and offline excel documents utilized in existing process, that were individually maintained and emailed.
  • Significant non-value-added efforts from the finance and marketing teams,  impacting 150+ individuals.
  • High planning time due to offline excel-based process.
  • Lack of user self-service analytics leading to inadequate capability to –
    • Focus on advertising promotion and coupon spending efficiency
    • Drive an agile decision-making process.


The Solution:


Teklink and our customer collaborated closely to develop this solution in Anaplan. Following “The Anaplan Way” agile implementation methodology, TekLink delivered the solution in 18 weeks.

Our customer was heavily involved in the build process, resulting in a business owned solution. The solution consisted of the following caveats:


Comprehensive Campaign Planning

  • Campaign and activity creation, driven by cost owners.
  • Consolidated campaign expenses made available to Marketing for detailed campaign reporting.
  • Allocate spend to all brands based on variable drivers.
  • Simulate ‘What if ‘ and contingency spending scenarios
  • Spending targets defined and set by Marketing Finance teams


Oversight Process and Streamlined Approvals

  • 2-tiered approval process between the finance team and CFO
  • Risk and Opportunity Analysis to compare expense planning with cash and purchase orders


Detail Reporting and Analytics Model

  • Simulated comparison of Live vs. Best vs. Worst-case scenarios
  • Allocated Brand Reporting
  • Multi-business benchmark reports and Attribute specific reports for detailed analysis


Outcome and Benefits:


The Planning solution implemented by TekLink helped the client to:

  • Finance team’s workload reduced by 15%. Doing more with less.
  • Standardized process of allocation and planning.
  • Eliminated offline excel needs!
    • Anaplan used directly in meetings with marketers making real-time updates.
    • Anaplan based approval process reduced the workload of approvers
    • Anaplan provides visibility to business in real-time vs. offline excel
    • Daily updates vs. once a month
    • Provide better visibility to the marketing team in their terms
    • Enables Marketers to directly input plans by campaign
    • Bridge gap between finance & marketing


Client Quote


 “This is 1 million times better”

-AP&C Team Lead


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