Leading Global Manufacturer leverages TekLink’s Anaplan expertise to introduce Connected Planning between Promotions and Sales

Leading Global Manufacturer leverages TekLink’s Anaplan expertise to introduce Connected Planning between Promotions and Sales

About the Client:

Our client is a leading global manufacturer and marketer of home appliances.


Business Challenges:

Our client’s objective was to deliver a solution that could ultimately replace very manual, spreadsheet dependent planning process and introduce the following connected planning solution:


  • Create single source of truth for forecast sell through volume and corresponding direct contribution margin associated with the monthly commercial planning process
  • Create driver-based product pricing and forecasting that incorporates past learning, future assumptions and links commercial business planning assumptions with supply planning assumptions
  • Eliminate traditional siloed hierarchies and introduce a connected commercial business planning process that involves merchandisers, sales managers, and financial analysts.
  • Establish core foundation in initial phase for company-wide transition to an integrated business planning process
  • Single, secure workflow for submissions and approvals that allows for quick input and review of many promotion details, including SKU, key promotions dates, price, cost, and margin assumptions


Solution Offered by TekLink:

TekLink team partnered with our client to deliver the following using Anaplan’s cloud-based planning and performance management platform for promotion and sales planning models:

  • Connected Planning to forecast based on SKU specific promotions and customer specific sales
  • Configured custom hierarchy to integrate SKU level Promotion Planning with Customer-SKU level Sales Planning
  • Created cleansed and customized data imports, exports, and POS Data loads, to be utilized in future automation
  • Created Consensus Analysis reports to facilitate this collaboration process
  • Created KPI’s, input templates and reports to support the process while being complete with seamless management process using integrated and automated inputs
  • Created promotion calendar dashboards that allow for quick dynamic filtering based on promotion start and end dates, brand, family group, and product group
  • Designed user security and selective access product hierarchies to facilitate attaching traceability to assumptions and inputs and enable improvement of planning communications
  • Determined criteria for and develop reports to alert of quality shortcomings in uploaded or input data
  • Developed customer specific promotion models to support desired custom merch week start dates
  • Developed workflow that allows live tracking of promotion changes and requires approval before visible to rest of business
  • Enabled ability to allow for SKU or customer specific promotions rules, including holidays, pricing tiers, support rules, and discount or margin rules
  • Enabled promotion and sales planning to be calculated and input at both weekly and daily levels, with underlying exception logic to determine final values
  • Enabled quick predecessor assignment for newly introduced SKUs, including historical numbers and/or product master data
  • Enhanced planning under the connected planning paradigm with Application Lifecycle Management (ALM)
  • Implemented conditional formatting and alerts to signal when selected KPIs are invalid or not satisfied
  • Integrated client’s competitor’s brands to hierarchy to allow for historical product promotions comparison
  • Integrated Promotion and Sales Planning with common SKU metrics at the month level
  • Sales Manager’s managed levers like Promotions, POS, and seasonality inputs to generate best forecast
  • Setup for future consensus reporting and exports to be utilized for data visualization, including Tableau


Outcomes and Benefits:

Our client realized the following outcomes and benefits:


  • Available What-If version, a version within the model that allows for the simulation of various business scenarios without impact to finalized production data
  • Common view of rolling 18-month sales promotion calendar, with up-to-date figures of constantly changing trade promotions and sales inputs
  • Core of process that can provide strong TPO (Trade Promo Optimization) capabilities, as promotional activity is client’s largest lever to impact results
  • Driver based Promotional and Sales forecasting that incorporates past learning and future assumption
  • Enabled for future automation, real-time data aggregation/consolidation and improvement in overall data accuracy that leads to time savings and a more efficient process
  • Enable significantly larger group of people to be involved in active planning and decision-making within organization, resulting in potential for faster responses and course corrections
  • Establish core foundation for upcoming phases of company-wide transition to an integrated business planning process.
  • Forecast on a rolling 18-month horizon, which provides deeper insights into future outcomes and better decision making
  • Highly automated solution that shifts business users time from being data stewards to data analysts
  • Seamlessly communicate between Trade Promotions and Sales Planning systems to enable common real-time view of changing assumptions
  • Allow Merch Managers and Sales Managers to collaborate and align on a Consensus Sales Forecast

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