Innovative visualization of financial data to drive higher cost efficiency

Innovative visualization of financial data to drive higher cost efficiency

About the Client:


Our client is an American multinational food-manufacturing company with over 32,000 employees.


Business Challenges:


  • Our client wanted to develop standard manufacturing cost financial dashboards that monitor the standard cost for food manufacturing, and what are the drivers for the cost variance
  • It’s difficult to track production cost in each plant, and take time for plant manager to collect, analyze and report data
  • Different finance managers can only communicate through email, but not interactively on the report


The Solution:


TekLink created an executive financial dashboard with visual representation of financial KPI’s, from higher level at the top and detailed level at the bottom

  • All metrics and units dynamically change with user selection to allow consistency in reporting
  • Developed a dedicated comments dashboard to collect and share business insights and reasoning
  • Intuitive business intelligence reports – With simple click of a button, switch seamlessly between high level overview
  • Product organization – categorize products by name, factory, or SKU for users to easily build custom reports that allows them to perform product analysis and customer search – using filters and search functions, users can easily select or type in keywords to view data for any product
  • Innovative collaboration – Using third party application to input, modify and review comments for individual products
  • Simple but effective user interface – Consistent use of color legends and efficient report layout resulted in an innovative financial dashboard that’s both practical and easy to use


Outcome and Benefits:


  • Finance managers and plant controllers utilize these finance analytical dashboards to track down the production cost, and gain insights about what’s driving the cost
  • Financial and manufacturing dashboards with better visual representation of data showcase trends and data far more effectively than just numbers on a data crosstab
  • User friendly interface allows quick user adoption
  • Easier process for maintaining dashboards with automated data refresh services using tableau


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