Global CPG Major Transforms Financial Processes to Improve Forecast Accuracy and Streamline Period Close Leveraging TekLink’s Anaplan Experts

Global CPG Major Transforms Financial Processes to Improve Forecast Accuracy and Streamline Period Close Leveraging TekLink’s Anaplan Experts

About the Client:

Our client is a leading global manufacturer and marketer of consumer-packaged goods.


Business Objectives:

Our client’s objective was to deliver a solution that could replace manual spreadsheet-based planning processes, previously implemented disconnected systems and introduce the following connected planning solution:


  • Create a customized composite brand hierarchy to satisfy the planning concerns of each business unit while maintaining the integrity of current allocation processes
  • Create a driver-based forecasting capability that improves model accuracy and eliminates detailed SKU based forecasting
  • Develop a hybrid reporting solution in Anaplan and external reporting software
  • Ensure strict controls through model security to segregate responsibilities and ensure data validity


Solution Offered by TekLink:


TekLink provided a project team that partnered with our client to deliver the following using Anaplan’s cloud-based planning and performance management platform for financial planning:

  • Created a Data Hub as single source of truth for integration into the client’s multi-model environment
  • Created Anaplan exports for journal postings back to SAP after model planning
  • Created dynamic reports for brand level and total business unit-based analysis
  • Created KPI’s, input templates and reports to support the process while being complete with seamless management process using integrated and automated inputs
  • Created promotions planning and allocation planning solution to feed into the total profit and loss statements
  • Customized allocation functions built for forecast and actuals periods
  • Designed user security and selective access product hierarchies to facilitate data integrity and legal compliance
  • Developed balance sheet and cash flow statements
  • Developed version-based currency conversion based on global corporate rates
  • Exported resulting reports to consolidations system
  • Implemented conditional formatting and alerts to signal when selected inputs and manually adjustments are applied to reports
  • Integrated custom planning solutions utilized by smaller international markets into the total global Anaplan Solution
  • Provided full integration with existing ZBB (Zero-Based Budgeting) model functionality for overheads and promotions planning


Outcomes and Benefits:


Our client realized the following outcomes and benefits:


  • Automated integration processes for master and transaction data across multiple modes from a single Data Hub
  • Forecasted on a rolling 18-month horizon, which provides deeper insights into future outcomes and better decision making
  • Global rollout with onsite testing and customized feature depending on the needs of each geographical market
  • Improved visibility of data inconsistencies during each monthly close process
  • Improved visibility of marketing spend and the allocation of overheads to prevent excess spending
  • Simplified and standardized global suite of reporting
  • Streamlined monthly close and budget processes greatly decreasing downtime waiting for calculations and approval


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