Leading global manufacturer leverages TekLink’s planning and consolidation expertise driving forecast accuracy in an integrated process with a single version of the truth

Leading global manufacturer leverages TekLink’s planning and consolidation expertise driving forecast accuracy in an integrated process with a single version of the truth

About the Client:

Our client is a leading global manufacturer and marketer of home appliances.


Business Objectives:

  • Build a standard and repeatable forecasting process that is centric to quarterly reporting replacing their current, people centric, heavily reliant Microsoft Access data base and various versions of Microsoft Excel workbooks
  • Create a more efficient plan and forecast consolidation process that meets regional and corporate needs
  • Create the planning process to a GIS supported platform
  • Provide standardized and sophisticated self-service reporting
  • Standardize and simplify corporate forecasting process by providing:
    • a reduction of forecast cycles
    • a reduction of manual process steps
    • better security
    • process controls
    • tighter data integration



Solution Offered by TekLink:

TekLink team, using SAP BW 7.4 on HANA and SAP BPC 10.1 Standard, delivered the following solution to the client:

  • Added capability to automate currency conversions, tax calculation, reclassification and eliminations
  • Built a forecasting tool on their existing SAP BW on HANA system eliminating their unsupported Microsoft Access data base
  • Created a self-service reporting capability with predefined KPIs for building management decks
  • Designed a process with scenario and version management for scenario planning
  • Designed a solution for variance analysis with comments collection and reporting to facilitate the corporate team to build a story line on their financials
  • Improved the forecasting process by bringing all stake holders involved to input forecast data in SAP BPC to drive data consistency and process efficiency
  • Leveraged ASAP methodology using TekLink’s TOM model (TekLink’s SAP BPC implementation methodology uses an iterative approach)
  • Provided an administration cockpit for the corporate FP&A team to manage the forecasting process
  • Reduced forecast process time and accuracy by automating actual consolidated data load and integrate with plan and forecasting data


Outcomes and Benefits:

Our client achieved following process improvements:

  • Auto generation of management reporting decks and KPIs
  • Created process controls with visibility to data changes
  • Created self-service reporting capabilities
  • Eliminated off-line reports
  • Gave visibility to data changes with audit logs
  • Improved forecasting accuracy
    • All stake holders submitted forecast data in SAP BPC eliminating off line version and human errors
    • Automated reclassification, currency conversion, tax calculation and other driver-based calculations eliminating the possibility of human errors
    • Automated actual data loads eliminated manual data collection and updates which were prone to errors
    • Processed controls with submit and lock
  • Provided simulation capabilities
  • Provided standardization of reporting structures aligning with corporate guidelines
  • Provided standardized and repeatable forecasting process in SAP BPC elimination many manual forecasting process steps
  • Reduced forecasting cycles

Other benefits:

  • Developed a forecast consolidation and reclassification in line with actual consolidations
  • Enhanced application security meeting the regional and corporate needs
  • Provided a faster forecasting process and reduced number of cycles compared to the current process
  • Provided standardized and sophisticated self-service reporting

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