Enhancing Sales Team Performance and Analytics Capabilities with Tableau Reporting

Enhancing Sales Team Performance and Analytics Capabilities with Tableau Reporting

About the client


The client is one of the largest food companies and a leading foodservice distributor. They partner with many restaurants and foodservice operators. They have a broad and innovative food offerings and different points of contact, such as e-commerce, other technology devices, and business solutions.


Business Challenge


  • The client required the TekLink Team to consolidate or replace existing reports
  • The client also looked to enhance the three important sales pillars, these are:
    • Performance Assessment that can give access to the data and tools to understand their employees’ performance
    • Coaching the managers on a constant basis who can in-turn coach their employees in a consistent, data-driven and goal-oriented manner
    • Help the managers plan future sales and set accurate goals/targets effectively


The TekLink Solution


The solution entails developing Tableau dashboards that illustrate:

  • Scorecards, which help to measure the progress of the Territory Managers and District Sales Managers for the goals set for a fiscal year; the scoreboards consider more than twenty metrics to determine the score.
  • Further, the dashboards help in ranking the Territory Managers and District Sales Managers. The ranking ensures an easy comparison between the tenure cohort (Fellow Employees at the same level of seniority/markets and across the company).
  • Two aggregate metrics were developed using the Snowflake data warehouse, which also helps in scoring and ranking based on the parameters.
  • Further, it aids in cluster analysis to determine natural thresholds for various parameters such as goals, and for segmentation of individuals by tenure, market, route size, and many others.




  • With the new dashboards, the managers can assess their team’s sales performance more objectively and holistically.
  • The managers can also decide on providing training or coaching to their team members who are not at par in some of the metrics considered for evaluation.
  • Consolidation of other existing reports results in time savings, process improvements, and the overall streamlining of operations.
  • It further enhances the business reporting and analytical capabilities: performance assessments, consistent coaching, and effective planning.
  • It allows the sellers to plan their workstreams more effectively.
  • There is now only one centralized source of data, which yields a standardized format for the reports with the standardized metrics.

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