Driving eCommerce Analytics with Effective Data Visualization

Driving  eCommerce Analytics with Effective Data Visualization

About the Client:


Our client is an American worldwide marketer of consumer and commercial products with over 50,000 employees.


Business Challenges:


  •  Our client wanted to develop Tableau and Power BI eCommerce dashboards to gain actionable insights.
  • Breakdown into your data – use a wide range of BI powered interactive buttons and filters to get to the bottom of things, to help identify trends or problem areas that need attention
  • Get deeper sales insights – find out which products are making the most money, and who the top performers are for various divisions, brands, and customers
  • Observing trends in business – compare sales and quantity performance to previous month, quarter, or year
  • Data visualization – implement various visualizations to analyze data more effectively


The Solution:


TekLink consultants, using Tableau and Power BI data visualization, delivered the following solution to the client:

  • Intuitive business reports – With simple click of a button, switch seamlessly between scorecard, trend, penetration, and billing reports
  • Product organization – categorize products by name, division, or SKU for users to easily build custom reports that allows them to perform inventory counts or view trends
  • Customer and product search – using filters and search functions, users can easily select or type in keywords to view data for any product or customer
  • Simple but effective user friendly interface – Consistent use of color legends and efficient report layout results in a dashboard that’s both practical and easy to use


Outcome and Benefits:


Our client realized the following outcomes and benefits:

  • Client is able to utilize these Tableau and Power BI eCommerce dashboards to break down sales by various metrics, such as time, customer, and retail type to gain actionable insights
  • Dashboards have numerous data visualization elements that showcase trends and data far more effectively than just numbers on a data cross-tab
  • Easier process for maintaining dashboards, with the proper set-up of refresh schedules and data source implementation
  • Expedite user training with eCommerce business reports that are simple and effective to use even for first time Tableau/PBI users


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