Driving Sales and Margin Growth at CSM Bakery with a Comprehensive and Integrated Trade Management Solution

Driving Sales and Margin Growth at CSM Bakery with a Comprehensive and Integrated Trade Management Solution

About the Client:


CSM Bakery Solutions is one of the biggest players in the baking industry, producing one of the industry’s broadest ranges of products for customers in more than 100 countries


Business Challenges:


  • Promotion planning managed in excel sheets without proper integration with other SAP systems such as ECC, BW and APO
  • Promotion guidelines and checks were missing or cumbersome
  • Unable to get desired visibility into trade spend
  • No proper online approval workflow for promotions
  • Funds planning and accruals management wasn’t effective
  • Deduction management was a huge challenge – Claims and settlements process was time consuming and mostly ineffective
  • Limited visibility into trade promotion effectiveness, No KPIs


The Solution:


TekLink implemented a holistic SAP Trade Management solution, providing tight integration to SAP ERP, Supply chain management and analytics

  • A comprehensive volume planning capability for Direct as well as Indirect customers
  • Base and incremental sales volume planning process streamlined
  • A complete solution for all short and long term agreements and associated spends with tight integration to pricing and accounting with ability to report at a more granular level
  • Empowered KAMs with real-time visibility to overlap checks, alerts based on promotion guidelines, available funds, spends and ROI (return on investment)
  • Centrally governed promotions approval and management process with better controls and reduced overall cycle time
  • Funds and check book reporting enabled real-time analysis at a granular level
  • Base and incremental sales volume planning process streamlined and fully integrated between APO and TPM
  • Enabled analysis of plan, actual, promotions, trends, promotional P&L and other KPIs
  • Integrated real-time reporting and analytics with Annual Operating Plan and Sales data


Outcome and Benefits:


  • Drove revenue, volume and internal margin growth as well as better collaboration with trade partners
  • Integrated solution enabled better demand planning and supply chain execution aimed at reduction in out-of-stocks – reduction in lost-sales resulting in increased revenue
  • Shift drivers for promo spend from long term agreements to short term promotions to generate additional uplift/volume
  • Improved process efficiency, Optimized Trade spending, Prevented margin leakage, Improved promotion ROI: Enabled through Promotion guidelines, Online checks & Guardrails, comprehensive multi-level approval process for exception management
  • More accurate, granular and real-time funds check-book capabilities – Prevents overspend and provides capability to reallocate funds to categories with higher potential
  • Integrated and automated solution resulting in increased productivity and more accurate planning & execution
  • Fully integrated claims management process resulting in improved productivity and opportunity to minimize deductions
  • Better visibility at BU level with real time P&L reporting and analytics
  • Improved ability for KAMs to be able to collaborate effectively with trade partners


“TekLink have been a great partner, bringing the right functional and technical leadership & skills. They are highly experienced, professional and deeply committed to our success! By no means has it been easy to deliver on-time and under-budget given our complex process requirements, but they have!

TekLink has exceeded our expectations and I strongly endorse their capabilities and would happily recommend them to other customers/prospects”


Assoc. Director, IT



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