Client leverages TekLink Advisory Services to Determine Best Path Forward for their Planning Solution

Client leverages TekLink Advisory Services to Determine Best Path Forward for their Planning Solution

About the Client:


Our client is a diversified chemical products manufacturer producing antifreeze, liquid methanol, ethylene oxide, runway deicing agents, truck bed liners, deodorants, and automotive lubricants. The company manages over a dozen leading consumer and commercial brands across 60 countries.



Business Challenges:


The client was in the process of migrating to S/4HANA and required assistance to choose the best-suited SAP Planning Solution that is compatible with S/4HANA. They were experiencing issues with their existing planning solution which was extremely manual, inflexible resulting in long closing and planning cycles.

Teklink was approached to:

  • Recommend ways to address their system issues
  • Assist in the selection of the best SAP Planning solution compatible with S/4 HANA
  • Device business roadmap to simplify integration and operation



The Solution:


TekLink provided a holistic solution including Advisory, Technical and Functional services. The holistic solution was multi-phased and involved assessments, recommendations, roadmaps, implementation, and maintenance.


Advisory Services

TekLink performed an assessment that included:

  • Holding workshops with different user groups to identify requirements and pain–points of the current planning process.
  • Liaising with S/4 Team members to understand plans and align roadmaps.
  • Reviewing existing planning team composition and responsibilities.
  • Evaluating existing technology stack to determine what is the most appropriate SAP tool for them.


Assessment documents were analyzed and following were the findings:

  • Existing BPC solution although migrated from 7.5, was not optimally tuned to leverage the features of the 10.1 or the new EPM Add-In.
  • Several design flaws were identified that prevented the solution to scale to the changing and growing business.
  • Misconception prevailed regarding BPC among users
  • Lack of training in reporting capabilities


The client was provided with the following recommendations:

  • Retaining the existing BPC Version to ensure maximum ROI and future compatibility with S/4 HANA
  • Improving BPC design by incorporating the advanced features to achieve more benefits
  • Training client-end resources on available reporting capabilities


Technical Services

Based on assessment performed by Teklink, Client had agreed to implement the following design changes:

  • Developing a flexible design
  • Optimizing the financial reporting and planning solution
  • Automating data loads from SAP to BPC


Functional Services

TekLink assisted the Client team with data validations activities and testing scenarios, also held workshops to provide report writing training.


Application Managed Services

Post-implementation of the project TekLink continued to provide maintenance support and assisted the client with parallel closing processes.



Outcome and Benefits:


  • Increased confidence about the BPC Implementation and its future compatibility with S/4 HANA
  • Avoided unnecessary investment on implementation of the new tool
  • Smoother and faster planning and consolidation cycles
  • Faster turnaround to incorporate changes for organizational alignments
  • Increased reporting flexibility and user satisfaction
  • Automated data loading process



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