Be prepared for the Sunset of BW Business Explorer (BEx)

Be prepared for the Sunset of BW Business Explorer (BEx)

About the client

RustOleum is a manufacturer of protective paints and coatings for home and industrial use. They are a worldwide leader in industry-leading paints and coatings, with a strong global presence.

They operate all across the world including Asia, Australia, and North America.


Business Challenge

The business was using BEx Analyzer but decided to move to Analysis for Office (AO) as the support for BEx will come to an end in December 2020. The future Microsoft Office versions, such as Microsoft Office 2019, are not tested for BW Business Explorer (BEx) or supported by SAP.

Rust-Oleum wanted to leverage the new functionality in Analysis for Office (AO) to meet the user demands.

The main challenge was to migrate the existing 500+ workbooks in BEx with all the validation checks, which ensures the correctness of the migration.


The TekLink Solution

The solution consists of the following steps: Strategy and Advisory, BEx workbooks migration to Analysis for Office (AO), AO workbook validation, and Defect Resolution.

To mobilize the team, TekLink also provided a power user workshop on Analysis for Office.


Further details of the solution

The project spanned across different functions such as Sales, Logistics, Finance, FP & A, and COPA.

Agile Methodology was used for the project implementation. The inputs came from various business stakeholders and other key users. These inputs were adapted into the solution iterations for developing the solution.

The TekLink team first identified the most used workbooks based on functional area and migrating them first. The team accomplished this by collecting and analyzing reporting-based system-level BW statistics for Workbook usage Analysis.

The workbooks were split into three batches based on priority, and TekLink migrated and validated each batch one by one.

The BEx to AO Migration Workshop taught Rust-Oleum employees how to use their workbooks with AO and how to convert additional workbooks from BEx to AO with a simple 4-step process.


The TekLink Team developed a detailed training document and the document has been shared with the Rust-Oleum team for their future reference.


Business Benefits

  • TekLink successfully converted all 500+ workbooks to AO and validated each workbook to ensure the migration was successful, by making sure the AO workbooks had the same functionality and data as the BEx workbooks, including macros.
  • Using SAP’s Analysis for Office as a “Premium Alternative” and replacement for BEx Analyzer, Rust-Oleum now uses an intuitive user interface and advanced features to enable smarter reporting Analytics.
  • After completing this project, Rust-Oleum has been able to leverage OLAP connections defined in SAP BO (e.g., HANA) along with support for numerous data sources to meet all kinds of diverse business requirements.
  • Migration to Analysis for Office will allow Rust-Oleum to leverage all future innovations from SAP.


“TekLink provided worry free BEx to AO Migration by analyzing and converting our 500+ BEx workbooks to Analysis for Office while also increasing adoption by running power user workshops.”

-Lakshmi Thota, Sr. Manager, Rust-Oleum Company

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