Automating and Optimizing the Data Services Process

Automating and Optimizing the Data Services Process

About the Client:

Our client provides a comprehensive range of well site services that are fundamental to establishing and maintaining the flow of oil and gas throughout the entire life-cycle of a well.


Business Challenges:

Our client faced the following challenges in managing their data:

  • Failure to meet service level agreements (SLA) for the Rapid Mart SAP BusinessObjects Data Services (BODS) Extractor jobs.
  • Inaccurate data loading into the Rapid Mart due to errors in the business logic.
  • Lack of customization and performance tuning capabilities for HR, Accounts Receivable, Sales, Cost Center and Materials Rapid Mart Extractors.
  • Long execution time updating the data with data recovery issues.
  • Manual data loading process.
  • Related reports fed from the Account Payable System inaccurate.


Solution Offered by TekLink:

TekLink optimized the client’s platform using SAP Data Services Version 4.1 SP2 with the SAP Rapid Mart using SQL server.  We provided the following:

  • BODS jobs enhancement as per the business requirement.
  • BODS jobs monitoring and fixing load failures within SLA.
  • BODS jobs performance tuning.
  • BODS system testing after the system outage / upgrade.
  • Configuration of BODS and Rapid Mart.
  • Design remediation of Accounts Payable, Human Resources, Accounts Receivable, Sales, Call Center, and Materials jobs.
  • Documentation of analysis and issues resolution.
  • On-call support for resolving the issues.
  • Rapid Mart extractor enhancement and performance tuning.
  • Requirements gathering from the business users for new development tasks and business issues.
  • Update project status to client weekly and addressed critical and priority issues daily.


Outcomes and Benefits:

Our client realized the following outcomes and benefits:

  • Automated the data loading process.
  • Fixed the business data logic errors.
  • Rapid Mart Account Payable BODS job execution time reduced by 50%!
  • Streamlined and performance tuned the data loading process consistently to meet service level agreements.


Customer Quote:

“TekLink has been an outstanding addition to our internal staff providing a strong work ethic and extensive technical expertise.  TekLink quickly stabilized our current SAP BusinessObjects platform while working with our customers to define, develop and deliver new reporting needs.”

Director- Enterprise Applications  

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