Business Content Analyzer

An intelligent tool to capture, classify, extract tool for data locked in your content

Business Content Analyzer


Why Business Content Analyzer?


The accelerator will help the users to quickly identify the Standard SAP BW/4HANA content objects for any business requirement. With the help of the accelerator users can analyze the content efficiently. The accelerator helps extract all the meta data from BW/4 to create summary level of the Business Content. The Business Content meta data is aligned with the Application Component making it easier to analyze different functional areas.




Performs effective Fit-Gap Analysis BW/4HANA

Saves time and effort to understand SAP Offered Standard Business Content by functional area

Ability to analyze all Business Content Views in a single go

Development and analysis of the delivered business content as a comparison to provide the view of the available objects.

Practical Usage

What can you use it for?


BW Development Assessment

Fit-Gap Analysis of BW/4HANA Standard Content Objects

BW/4HANA Reporting Assessment

Development Projects in BW/4HANA