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Role of Analytics in Setting Up a Smart Plant

Introduction The modern era of technology has enhanced our lives in many different ways. From smartphones, smart cars, and smart homes; the trend is now shifting towards smart factories and smart plants. Since the onset of the industrial revolution, manufacturing companies have been constantly... Read More

Insights into Improving Forecast Accuracy through Data Science!

We are all chasing the goal of predictability in achieving the most accurate forecast amid economic dynamics, supply chain constraints, individual and personal bias experiences. We also hear about how data science can help. Let’s look at some definitions as we explore how data science can impact f... Read More

4 Ways to Connect Webi on top of HANA Views

From SAP BO 4.2 onwards we have option to connect webi with HANA view in 4 ways efficiently. I am writing up them below with high level steps of navigation to achieve them.   Option 1:Using Universe on top of HANA view and build webi with that universe This method is available from old... Read More

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