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12 Business Intelligence Predictions Shaping 2017

We are seeing many predictions lists in articles, newsletters and social media by thought leaders, social media influencers and vendors on predicting the future. Attempting to predict is considered by many to be akin to finding the proverbial 'unicorn' or something that is impossible to find or achi... Read More

The Cloud Awakens….Best of Breed Strikes Back!

How Cloud enables Best of Breed and threatens SAP’s Traditional Business Models Cloud computing is not a new concept; people have been talking seriously about the cloud for several years. However, as with all technology paradigm shifts, adoption takes time. Until recently cloud solutions were... Read More

How Cloud Impacts on Enterprise Technical Debt

Over many years there have been a number of high profile mergers/ de-mergers, acquisitions and consolidations. In each case one of the key drivers for the move was cited as synergies, translating into cost reduction, particularly in core systems. In reality, although some integration has taken plac... Read More

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