Data Footprint Reduction Leads to Increased Performance and Profitability!

Data Footprint Reduction Leads to Increased Performance and Profitability!

About the Client:

Our client is an American multinational confectionery food and beverage company based in Illinois which employs more than 100,000 people around the world.


Business Challenges:

Our client faced the following challenges:

  • Business users affected with long running reports impacting decision making
  • Increase in data volume impacting system and database performance demanding high maintenance
  • Rising data volume and traffic demanding an increase in storage and additional hardware impacting total cost of operations (TCO)


Solution Offered by TekLink:

TekLink helped the client migrate to a totally integrated information lifecycle management platform optimizing 10 years of company data.  The client implemented near line storage and archiving as a solution for information lifecycle management:

  • 1 to 3 years of current data always accessible and highly efficient in SAP HANA depending on the demand of data.
  • 3- 10 years of data compressed in a cost-effective Sybase platform and yet available for reporting.


Outcomes and Benefits:

Our client realized the following outcomes and benefits:

  • Availability of historical data for reporting
  • Controlled the data growth rate
  • Efficient usage of data storage with 18T of data reduced (compressed) to 2.5T in Near-Line Storage (NLS)
  • Full management of the data movement process
  • High availability and accessibility of most current data
  • Improved system performance and faster response times
  • Limited the need for additional storage
  • Kept the data growth manageable, predictable and within budget
  • Limited the increase of total cost of operations


 Customer Quote:

“Near-Line Storage (NLS) is an important component to the Business Warehouse landscape as it enabled us to store data within a lower cost “online” option.  As part of our current BI optimization initiative, it became even more critical.  The production migration was vital since our reporting relies on NLS to work.  I am happy to announce that we experienced a flawless migration with zero business disruption. 

Thank you all for your efforts in making this migration successful!”

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